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What is decentralized AI?

Decentralized artificial intelligence (DeAI or decentralized AI) is a form of AI and machine learning that utilizes blockchain technologies and decentralized protocols such as ICP. ICP enables truly decentralized AI by running services on-chain, providing a permissionless and secure way to run machine learning applications.

Canisters can be used to host AI services and run machine learning algorithms using popular AI/ML frameworks and libraries. HTTPS outcalls can be used to make API calls to external AI APIs like OpenAI.

ICP AI projects

Several community projects that showcase how to use AI on ICP are available:

AI resources

Machine learning programming:

Distributed AI compute:

Lightweight AI models:

Technical working group: DeAI

A technical working group dedicated to discussing decentralized AI and related projects meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at 5pm UTC. You can join via the community Discord server.

You can learn more about the group, review the notes from previous meetings, and ask questions on the DFINITY forum.