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Sign in with Ethereum



The SIWE standard defines a protocol for off-chain authentication of Ethereum accounts. This protocol is designed to enable Ethereum wallet-based authentication for applications on other platforms, such as the Internet Computer (ICP).

By integrating the third party library ic_siwe or adding the pre-built ic_siwe_provider canister to your project, you can enable users to sign into your application using their Ethereum wallets.

The goal of the ic_siwe project is to enhance the interoperability between Ethereum and ICP, enabling developers to build applications that leverage the strengths of both platforms.

Key features

  • Ethereum Wallet Sign-In: Enables Ethereum wallet sign-in for ICP applications. Sign in with any Ethereum wallet to generate an ICP identity and session.
  • Session identity uniqueness: Ensures that session identities are specific to each application's context, preventing cross-app identity misuse.
  • Consistent principal generation: Guarantees that logging in with an Ethereum wallet consistently produces the same principal, irrespective of the client used.
  • Direct Ethereum address to principal mapping: Creates a 1:1 correlation between Ethereum addresses and principals within the scope of the current application.
  • Timebound sessions: Allows developers to set expiration times for sessions, enhancing security and control.


While the ic_siwe library can be integrated with any Rust-based ICP project, using the pre-built ic-siwe-provider canister is the easiest way to integrate Ethereum wallet authentication into an ICP app built using any language.

The canister is designed as a plug-and-play solution for developers, enabling easy integration into existing ICP applications with minimal coding requirements. By adding the pre built ic_siwe_provider canister to the dfx.json of an ICP project, developers can quickly enable Ethereum wallet-based authentication for their applications. The canister simplifies the authentication flow by managing the creation and verification of SIWE messages and handling user session management.

React demo application

A demo application that uses the ic_siwe_provider canister to demonstrate the full login flow is available in two versions:

The demo uses another package from the ic-siwe project, ic-use-siwe-identity, a React hook and context provider for easy frontend integration with SIWE enabled ICP canisters.