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Service Nervous System (SNS)


This section introduces ideas and instructions needed when considering handing control of an application to a Service Nervous System (SNS). If this is the first time you hear SNS, we recommend to take a look at the high level SNS and FAQ pages to get an overview of what is discussed in more detail here. We anticipate that different types of readers are interested in different aspects of the SNS and in different kinds of documentation. We thus try to split the SNS documentation accordingly.

This page provides an overview of the SNS documentation and provides links to the parts that already exist. Some of the SNS documentation is still being worked on and will be edited or added as later SNS features are added, so please bare with us if it is not yet complete or a few parts do not work yet.

SNS and DAOs primer

The DAO Docs introduce the ideas and tools needed when considering to form a DAO. It targets developers or entrepreneurs who want to get an SNS, understand tokenomics of an SNS, and introduces predeployment, product-based, considerations like roadmapping.

In this documentation you will find

Technical documentation

This documentation is, as the name suggests, technical documentation aimed at developers. Most of the documentation targets developers that have a dapp that they would like to decentralize with an SNS. However, this documentation also targets developers that want to build services that integrate with SNSs, such as wallet dapps or decentralized exchanges.

Here you'll find an overview of the stages of an SNS.

Explanations and guides for users

Finally, the website and Wiki contain information relevant for users of the SNS.

On the website, you will find explanations on:

The Wiki contains more information about

The Wiki also contains guides for the following topics: