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Preparing and SNS launch


Launching an SNS entails many non-technical and technical preparations steps.

The SNS launch checklist summarizes some of the most important preparation steps to be considered before handing over a dapp to an SNS.

The subsequent pages provide more details on some of these preparations:

  • Before diving into the technical details, you may want to spend some time defining non-technical goals of the SNS and the dapp that will be controlled by it. To provide some tips on what considerations you should not forget, a few are listed on this page.

  • The SNS parameters allow each SNS to define unique settings for tokenomics and how the governance should work in detail. To choose initial parameters, it is advisable to understand how the SNS tokenomics and the SNS rewards work. These pages also include a link to additional tools that allow you to try out different configurations and assess them.

  • In the end, the chosen configurations need to be translated to the parameters and given as input to the SNS launch process.

In addition, during the preparation phase you might want to prepare the integration of the SNS with your dapp. Moreover, you should test your settings and confirm that the launched SNS will work successfully with your dapp. Integration and testing are topics that are not only relevant during the SNS launch but also later in the SNS lifecycle. Therefore, these two topics are discussed in separate sections below (see SNS integration and SNS testing).