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Juno is a cutting-edge blockchain-as-a-service platform designed to enable developers to create decentralized applications at lightning speed. It can be thought of as an innovative, open-source alternative to Google Firebase, but with the added benefits of the Internet Computer technology.

It features a growing list of plug-and-play services such as authentication, data management, file storage, hosting, serverless functions, and analytics. These tools empower developers to efficiently bring their innovative ideas to life.

Juno provides a way to deploy dapps onto ICP without using the traditional ICP development workflow that utilizes dfx to create, manage, and deploy canisters.

Using Juno

To get started, you can create your first satellite, a 100% on-chain smart contract container offers all of Juno's features. Juno satellite deployment and management are done through a web-based console, a CLI, or GitHub Actions.

To integrate frameworks and packages into your applications and start building, follow one of the quickstart guides and tutorials. Juno is agnostic, allowing for seamless integration with your favorite frontend technologies, whether you're using Next.js, React, SvelteKit, Vue, Angular, Astro, or any other framework.

To extend the satellite's capabilities, you can enhance the features with serverless behaviors using Rust hooks.

Juno is a community contributed project and is not maintained by DFINITY.