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dfx ping

Use the dfx ping command to check connectivity to the IC or a testnet. This command enables you to verify that you can connect to the environment where you want to deploy to.

To ping your local server, please note that you can only run this command from within the project directory structure. For example, if your project name is hello_world, your current working directory must be the hello_world top-level project directory or one of its subdirectories.

To ping mainnet, you can run dfx ping ic from any directory.

Basic usage

dfx ping [provider] [flag]


You can specify the following argument for the dfx ping command.

providerSpecifies the IC or testnet URL that you want to use.


You can use the dfx ping command to check whether the IC is currently available at a specific network address by running a command similar to the following:

dfx ping

If the IC is running on the specified network provider address, the command returns output similar to the following:

"ic_api_version": "0.8"