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Priority Queue

This module provides purely-functional priority queue based on leftist heap

Type Tree

type Tree<T> = ?(Int, T, Tree<T>, Tree<T>)

class Heap<T>

Function share

func share() : Tree<T>

Get purely-functional representation

Function unsafeUnshare

func unsafeUnshare(t : Tree<T>)

Put purely-functional representation into class. Need to make sure the tree is constructed with the same compare function

Function put

func put(x : T)

Insert an element to the heap

Function peekMin

func peekMin() : ?T

Return the minimal element

Function deleteMin

func deleteMin()

Delete the minimal element

Function removeMin

func removeMin() : ?T

Remove the minimal element and return its value

Function fromIter

func fromIter<T>(iter : I.Iter<T>, ord : (T, T) -> O.Order) : Heap<T>

Convert iterator into a heap in O(N) time.