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Welcome to the ICP developer journey



Are you ready to get started developing on the Internet Computer, but not sure where to begin?

The developer journey is designed to give both new and existing developers a clear learning path to develop on the Internet Computer. Starting at level 0 with an introduction to the Internet Computer, terminology, and setting up a developer environment, to level 5 that details building complex dapps, the Developer Journey contains essential information for developers of all skill levels.

This developer journey will focus on developing canisters and applications using Motoko. In the future, there will be additional variations of the developer journey that focus on different developer paths, such as:

  • Rust development.
  • Bitcoin-focused development.
  • Ethereum-focused development.

Level 0: Pre-flight operations

Level 1: Space cadet

Level 2: Space explorer

Level 3: Space engineer

Level 4: Space pilot

Level 5: Internet Computer astronaut