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World Computer

Decentralize Everything

This website is hosted 100% on-chain

World’s highest usage blockchain

Blocks processed

   parallel subnets
     MB/s block throughput capacity


Capacity horizontally scales as subnet blockchains are seamlessly combined into one unified blockchain. Blocks and transactions per second are unbounded.

ETH equivalent TX/s


Comparing transactions

Transactions invoke "actor" canister smart contract computations, which subnet blockchains can run concurrently (yet deterministically).

214,784,364 bytes 5,000,000x 14,184 bytes 12,841 bytes 3,932 bytes 44 bytes
Amount of on-chain storage for $1

ICP costs $5 / GB / year

Storing data in smart contract memory allows ICP dapps to dynamically access it without querying external sources or relying on centralized cloud storage.

Cost per instruction

44’ 760’ 000x less expensive than ETH
ETH - $0.00024

Crypto cloud efficiency

An average ICP transaction executes 6’660’000 instructions compared to ETH’s 83’000, while each instruction is orders of magnitude less expensive due to ICP’s efficiency.

Today, blockchains only process tokens and clips of data.

Tomorrow, blockchain will become a decentralized crypto cloud.

Blockchain will eat the centralized cloud, and become the everything stack, which hosts unstoppable systems and services, and rich fully-decentralized Web3 experiences.

It's already happening at scale on the Internet Computer, which is powering a blockchain singularity.

Join the movement.

Internet Computer capabilitiesWiki history of the Internet Computer

Community stories

OpenChat raised 1M ICP in 6 hours

Open Chat is an early "open internet service." An SNS DAO assumed control of its smart contracts, and swapped $ICP for its governance tokens, placing its community in control, and creating a powerful community treasury.

See how OpenChat decentralized, fully on-chain

What is an SNS DAO

How to raise funding for an SNS DAO

Relation has grown organically to utilize 67'000 canister smart contracts

Relation is making the social relations of individuals decentralized. Every Soul can mint readable, understandable, programmable SBTs to represent proofs of friendship, affiliations, membership certificate qualifications, and commitments.

Build your Web3 social graph on Relation

ICDex is DeFi 3.0 in the form of a fully on-chain orderbook exchange

Imagine a fully on-chain Coinbase! CeFi-like functionality is now provided by a fully on-chain DEX — the UX, the orderbook, order-matching and AMM. It plans to list all assets using "chain key" crypto, and transition updates to fully decentralized DAO automation.

Find your favorite tokens on ICDex

Disruption in motion

The internet runs on routing devices

Bitcoin runs on PoW mining rigs

The Internet Computer runs on node machines (PoUW)

Wiki explanation of Proof of Useful Work

Web2 apps are updated by companies

Traditionally, blockchains are updated using protocol forks. 

The Internet Computer is updated by a fully automated DAO

What is the NNS DAO

  • Web experiences served by smart contracts
  • Web2 APIs processed through consensus
  • Googleable smart contracts

More ICP capabilities

Bitcoin transfers digital gold without intermediaries

Ethereum hosts unstoppable smart contract code

The Internet Computer can execute code on any blockchain and process any asset

Bitcoin on ICPEthereum on ICP

Transparently sustainable blockchain

Scalability and utility with low carbon cost — the Internet Computer is committed to building green tech, not just making claims about it.

About ICP sustainability

The blockchain industry's
Skunk Works

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The DFINITY Foundation is committed to realizing the most disruptive vision in tech: the adoption of public blockchain as a single technology stack that hosts all of humanity’s systems and services.

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