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While having the security of Web3 blockchains, the performance and power consumption of the Internet Computer (IC) is comparable to Web2 and cloud technology stacks. The IC far outperforms traditional blockchain protocols in efficiency.

* A single Google search is four times more energy intensive than a transaction on the IC.

* A single Ethereum transaction is almost 500 times more energy intensive than an IC transaction.

Energy consumption comparison

To better understand the impact of the efficiency of the IC, it helps to see the comparison of energy costs. Even with conservative estimations, the energy consumption of the Internet Computer is substantially lower than competing blockchain projects, but also existing (highly optimized) web2 tech. See the table below to put IC performance in perspective.

  • One Internet Computer transaction: 261 J
  • One Google search: 1'080 J
  • One Solana transaction: 1'837 J
  • One Ethereum 2 transaction: 126'000 J
  • One Cardano transaction: 1'972'440 J
  • One Ethereum (pre-merge) transaction: 692'820'000 J
  • One Bitcoin transaction: 6'995'592'000 J

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