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World Computer
is our future

Blockchain Singularity

ICP makes blockchain the everything computer.

The Internet Computer (#ICP) is the first World Computer blockchain. In a seismic advance, everything from a simple dapp, to billion-user social network, a massively multiplayer online game, a mass market video streaming service, or large mission-critical enterprise system, can now run on public blockchain. Web3 services, enterprise systems, and just about anything else, can now be constructed entirely from third-generation smart contract code, which can serve web experiences, and run multi-chain, eliminating the need for centralized IT such as cloud services. The decentralized future of compute has begun, and thousands are building a new internet.
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Internet Computer basics
Internet Computer capabilties

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Proof of Useful Work

The Internet Computer is not a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain created by "validator nodes" running on Big Tech's corporate cloud. It is formed by a sovereign network of special "node machine" devices operated by independent parties. To participate successfully, nodes must produce the same number of blocks as other machines in their cohort, without deviation. In a scheme of Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW), replicated smart contract computation is their work, driving optimal efficiency. Nodes form into subnet blockchains, and then into a unified limitless blockchain, using game-changing Chain Key Crypto.

How the Internet Computer works

Learn more about Proof-of-Useful-Work

Network Nervous System

Traditional blockchains get updated, and evolve, through a painful and cumbersome process. A protocol "hard fork" is developed, and a central group of insiders, working at a foundation, or a corporation, then helps coordinate those running nodes upgrade their network software. The Internet Computer, by contrast, is controlled by an advanced DAO, which is integrated into its protocols, and completely automates and decentralizes node machine protocol upgrades. The network protocol constantly evolves and adapts, without backroom machinations.

How Network Nervous System Works

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Web3 is about democracy

WEB 3.0Own
WEB 2.0Write
WEB 1.0Read

The Internet Computer can run open internet services, such as social networks, that run fully on-chain under the control of community DAOs. End-users can acquire governance tokens and become owners, and become part of industrious virtual teams that drive success. Each open internet service is configured and updated by its own advanced DAO, called a "Service Nervous System," providing full ownership to a community. This can also fundraise from the decentralized ecosystem, enabling communities of developers and users to be successful from anywhere, democratizing access to the tech economy.

Transactions are computations. Over 0.0 Billion blocks processed.

Transaction Rate
The number of transactions being processed each day.
0 TX/day0 TX/sec
Canisters (smart contracts/dapps)
The total number of canisters running.
Cycles Burn Rate
The total amount of cycles burned each second.
0 cycles/s≈0.0 ICP/day

Save money storing data in ICP smart contracts

The cost of storing data inside a smart contract (USD)

$79,000,000/ GB per year
$110,000/ GB per year
$5/ GB per year

DAO crypto evolved

Community DAOs that can own
and manage a social network
can now democratize tech

Corporation → algo democracy

DAO BASICSHow to participate (FAQ)

Blockchain operation that's climate friendly

Thanks to the unique architecture and novel cryptography of the Internet Computer blockchain, it can host smart contract software, data, and computation, with levels of efficiency competitive with traditional software that runs on Big Tech's cloud services. Meanwhile, it is currently tens of thousands of times more efficient than the next most efficient blockchain. Web3 projects that incorporate Internet Computer smart contracts can consequently dramatically lower their carbon footprint, and help reduce climate change.

ICP Sustainability reportGet the gist on Medium

A comparison of the energy consumption per transaction between blockchains

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The DFINITY Foundation is committed to realizing the most disruptive vision in tech: the adoption of public blockchain as a single technology stack that hosts all of humanity’s systems and services.

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HTTPS outcalls replace oracles

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Internet Identity is your digital identity

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