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Explore the ICP Education Hub for a wide range of learning resources on Internet Computer. Find courses, articles, and tutorials for all skill levels on topics like smart contracts, blockchain technology, and more. Start your learning journey with ICP today!

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Courses and Content144

Course: beginner

ICP Chain Fusion Educate Powered by Encode Club

ICP enables direct interoperability with all major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other EVMs (and soon Solana), without relying on any trusted intermediary. Unique compared to other blockchains, ICP smart contracts can read from and write to different chains, enabling developers to write smart contracts spanning different chains. This is chain fusion!

OverviewICP Architecture+ 3

Course: beginner

NNS Explained

NNS Explained is a series that dives into how the Internet Computer’s fully on-chain governance system — the Network Nervous System (NNS) works. You will find everything from high level concepts, all the way to verifying proposals in depth.


Course: beginner

ICP Zero to Dapp

Dive into decentralized application (Dapp) development on the Internet Computer in this practical course. You will learn to build and deploy your own Dapps, utilizing ICP's seamless integration capabilities and decentralized infrastructure.


Course: beginner

Build static websites on IC

This course covers everything you need to deploy static websites on the IC (Internet Computer). For that, choose the popular SSG (static site generator) Astro. However, you can also use pure HTML or the SSG of your choice to follow this course along. In this exciting course filled with both theory and practice, you will learn all the necessary steps to successfully deploy a static website on the IC. Check out the agenda. This course could be also a good starting point in your transition from a Web2 to a Web3 developer.


Course: beginner

TypeScript Smart Contract 101

In this beginner course on Decade, you will learn essential Internet Computer concepts and how to write canister smart contracts using TypeScript.

Environment Setup

Course: beginner

ICP Developer Journey Tutorial Series

The ICP Developer Journey is designed to give both new and existing developers a clear learning path to develop on the Internet Computer. Starting at level 0 with an introduction to the Internet Computer, terminology, and setting up a developer environment, to level 5 that details building complex dapps, the Developer Journey contains essential information for developers of all skill levels.

ICP ArchitectureIdentity & Authentication+ 2

Course: beginner, intermediate

The Azle Book

This book is intended to be an in-depth guide to canister development in TypeScript on the Internet Computer (IC).

Canister DevelopmentStorage+ 1

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