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Unlock endless possibilities with Internet Computer use cases.

Experience full stack decentralization: from DAOs and crypto cloud services to games, NFTs, and social media, the Internet Computer has something for everyone.


Run your AI models on the blockchain

Run AI models entirely on-chain to benefit from the security, resilience, and power of the ICP blockchain.

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On-chain swaps

Imagine a decentralized order-book exchange built exclusively using smart contracts that directly serve a web experience like those of centralized exchanges, and incorporates the world's digital assets without need for insecure bridges.

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Community-owned Web3

An open internet service (OIS) keeps all its code, user experience, compute and data on-chain, and must be transparently configured, updated and instructed by an advanced DAO. The Internet Computer enables this via a public governance DAO framework called a service nervous system (SNS).

Enterprise Cloud 3.0

Extend Web2 software with blockchain

The Internet Computer is an efficient cloud that allows enterprise to save on intractable R&D, security and legacy software costs by building more simply using an advanced evolution of smart contract technology hosted on an all-new form of blockchain.

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Paradigm shift in Web3 gaming

Enabled by smart contracts, Autonomous Worlds are a paradigm shift in gaming, enabling developers, modders and players to build composable, and permissionless game worlds that live on the blockchain forever. Now possible on the Internet Computer — 100% on-chain.

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NFT’s live fully on-chain

The Internet Computer is the only blockchain storing all components of an NFT on chain, including assets. This opens up capabilities for NFTs that go way beyond “overpriced links to JPGs”.

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Reclaim social media

Internet Computer blockchain flips the script by enabling dapps to turn into DAOs that put the control in the hands of the community. Take full ownership and control over decentralized social media platforms.

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