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Build on the internet

A World Computer...

Everything on-chain

Fully decentralized

Internet reinvented

The future is bright

Build on the internet

World Computer smart contracts process HTTP, create TX on other chains, scale infinitely...

Block count
The total number of blocks finalized since genesis.
Smart contract memory
The cost of storing 1GB of data in a canister smart contract.
$0.46 GB/month
The number of transactions being processed each second.
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Extend Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains

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Now smart contracts can serve interactive web experiences

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Learn how to ditch cloud

Internet Identity is your easy and secure Web3 Authentication

Create Internet Identity

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World Computer
blockchain features:

Dapps for

1000s of web3 services and dapps are already running on the Internet Computer. Most run 100% from the blockchain without need for centralized cloud services and server computers. Explore the ecosystem to get inspired.

Explore the Internet Computer ecosystem

The ICP token

ICP enables participation in network governance, provides a source of fuel for computation, and acts as a store of value.

The community-led governance of the Internet Computer

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Earn substantial voting rewards by staking in the Network Nervous System (NNS)

Stake ICP on NNS dapp