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Blockchain for Sustainable Business

Blockchain technology catalyzes sustainability efforts by enhancing transparency, traceability, and accountability in business operations.

Globally, the significance of sustainability is escalating, driven by regulatory compliance, energy consumption, climate change, and overall operational costs.

The environmental footprint of an application is only one of the many aspects of sustainability. Equally important are the cost of operating, maintaining and scaling an application as well as its longevity, security and privacy, resilience against attacks, and business model - ultimately the economic sustainability of an application once it is built and launched.

Top 4 reasons for using Blockchain Technology for transformation









Why ICP is the best blockchain for sustainability use cases

The Internet Computer provides far better sustainability than the traditional IT stack, as it takes a completely different architectural approach that makes it more energy efficient.

  • The Greenest Blockchain that provides efficiency at scale. The power consumption of a single transaction on the IC is 0.003 Wh/tx
  • Transparent reporting, the power consumption of all node machines on the Internet Computer blockchain is reported on a public dashboard
  • Existing industry use cases like the blockchain-powered recycling incentive standard initiative built with Roland Berger
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The Blockchain for Sustainable Use Cases Report

A sustainable future is important for your business, and the world around you. This report, authored by the DFINITY Foundation and Inacta Venture, explores 10 unique business use cases where blockchain's inherent traits of transparency, immutability, and relative low cost work to improve existing practices.

Report sneak peek into the sustainable business use cases

Reporting & certifications

Bring reporting on chain. For example: GRI, CDP, B-Corp, EU CSRD enabling hashing of certifications.

Crypto donation platform

A crypto donation solution, which provides an ecosystem for nonprofits and charities to fundraise Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, be found by crypto donors, and receive funds instantly.

Token-based carbon credit trading platform

Enterprise token marketplace for carbon credits and carbon credit trading with NFTs.

Download the sustainability report

Download now: Full report of all 10 sustainable business use cases in detail

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Write to us if you would like to develop a use case from the report, or a unique one.

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Revolutionizing Recycling: Blockchain-powered VRC Initiative

Roland Berger has formed a strategic partnership with the DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss non-profit renowned for its contributions to the Internet Computer Blockchain and extensive blockchain research and development, yielding over 250 patents. This collaboration aims to create the first global recycling incentive standard powered by blockchain, offering a secure and transparent system for tracking recycling credits.

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The international consortium in collaboration with DFINITY Foundation and partners Roland Berger, BEEAH Group and International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) came together at the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference to launch the Voluntary Recycling Credits initiative. This marks the world’s first standard to incentivize recycling globally.

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News & videos

From industry news to videos about sustainable topics. Read the latest about blockchain technology.

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