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Multi-chain DeFi

From fully on-chain order book DEXs, to bridgeless multi-chain swaps, the Internet Computer provides an unmatched tech stack for DEXs to thrive on and DeFi to flourish.

Everything on chain

The risks of trading and holding tokens on centralized exchanges is high. Even decentralized exchanges with frontends hosted on centralized cloud providers are not safe from hacks or rug pulls. Thanks to the web-serving capability of canister smart contracts on the Internet Computer, and their ability to host large amounts of data, DeFi platforms can exist 100% on the blockchain with no dependency on centralized components.

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Multi-chain swaps

Via Chain-Key Signatures, the Internet Computer has the ability to sign native transactions on other blockchains without using risky bridges. Today, users can seamlessly swap between BTC/ETH in seconds for a few cents with 0 gas fees by using ckBTC, ckETH, and soon ckERC-20 tokens.

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Move between chains on ICP DEXs


Fully on-chain order book DEX

ICDex provides the world’s first fully on-chain order book DEX. Create limit orders or swap tokens instantly with complete transparency and decentralization. ckBTC/ckETH swaps now possible.

Get ckBTC/ckETH on ICDex

SNS DAO-controlled DEX

One-stop access to decentralized finance and the first DEX on the Internet Computer to become an SNS DAO. Swap tokens, earn fees as a liquidity provider and participate in governance and decision-making through Sonic token membership. Now supports ckBTC/ckETH pair.

Swap ckBTC/ckETH on Sonic

Swap any ICP based token

ICP.Swap offers the largest number of tokens on the Internet Computer, including ckBTC and ckETH. Trade the latest meme coins or the most successful SNS DAO governance tokens.

Get ckBTC/ckETH on ICP.Swap

Build multi-chain DeFi

The Internet Computer offers an array of innovative features to build next-gen DeFi.

Bringing ERC-20 tokens to ICP

Building on Chain-Key Signatures and HTTPS outcalls, Oisy, a browser-based Ethereum wallet secured by the Internet Computer, can already natively support a plethora of ERC-20 tokens. Plugging into services such as Infura and the like, ICP smart contracts sign transactions for any ERC-20 token without relying on insecure bridges.

Build a fully on-chain ETH wallet

Access Web2 without Oracles

Blockchains today have to rely on oracles if they want to access price data from Web2 APIs. Using HTTPS outcalls, the Internet Computer can query up-to-date prices from any traditional Web2 API without oracles, which reduces costs and increases speed. Making calls to the Exchange Rate Canister, you can already query price data.

More on HTTPS Outcalls

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