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Error values and inspection.

The Error type is the argument to throw, parameter of catch. The Error type is opaque.

Type Error

type Error = Prim.Types.Error

Error values resulting from async computations

Type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode = Prim.ErrorCode

Error codes (user and system), where module Prim defines:

type ErrorCode = {
// Fatal error.
// Transient error.
// Destination invalid.
// Explicit reject by canister code.
// Canister trapped.
// Future error code (with unrecognized numeric code)
#future : Nat32;

Value reject

let reject : (m : Text) -> Error

Create an error from message m with code #canister_reject.

Value code

let code : (e : Error) -> ErrorCode

Returns the code of an error e.

Value message

let message : (e : Error) -> Text

Returns the message of an error e.