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Manage an SNS


SNSs are system-provided DAOs on the IC that are to some extent maintainted by the NNS community, who for example approve new upgrades of SNS canister code. This eliminates much of the maintenance burden from the SNS communities. However, there are still some maintenance tasks that have to be performed by an SNS community, such as deciding and voting on when an SNS should be upgraded to a new version, adjusting the SNS parameters when needed, and making sure that the SNS canisters do not run out of cycles.

SNS community

Once an SNS is launched, neither the dapp that the SNS controls, nor the SNS canisters are under the control of a singe entity such as a developer. This means that the dapp and to the SNS canisters, as well as which changes can be made to them, are controlled by the SNS community. Anyone with an SNS neuron can make a proposal to suggest a change in the dapp or to modify a parameter in the SNS governance and, if the majority agrees, the proposal is automatically executed on-chain. For this reason, the following pages are not only relevant for developers but for any member of an SNS community who would like to actively help managing the SNS.

Managing an SNS

On this page we will introduce a few aspects that are relevant for managing an SNS. As we complete more detailed pages for these different topics, we will link to them here.

  • As every piece of software, after an SNS is launched is has to be maintained. This includes ensuring that the SNS canisters are running the latest version and that they have enough cycles to continue operating. You can find more information on cycle management on this page. We especially want to emphasise the following:

The SNS communities are responsible for individually topping up the cycles of all SNS canisters as well as all dapp canisters that are controlled by the SNS. Special care must be taken that cycles are also monitored for canisters that are automatically created. In particular, this includes the archive canisters that are automatically spawned by the ledger canister. If the archive canisters are not provided with sufficient cycles, the ledger block history may be lost.

  • While SNSs that are provided as a system function can only be upgraded to canister versions approved by the NNS, each SNS community can configure their SNS according to their needs. Most chosen configurations can also be adjusted over time, for example to adopt to new situations or to experiment with different governance and tokenomic models. Therefore, managing an SNS also means that the community should regularly consider and adjust these configurations, which are defined by the SNS's nervous system parameters.