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Using a cycles management service


Once a canister is deployed to the Internet Computer, the compute and storage it utilizes must be pre-payed. The process of burning ICP to obtain cycles and transferring them to a canister is referred to as "topping-up" a canister.

Cycles management services provide canister monitoring and automated cycles top-ups to ensure canisters applications remain up and running and do not run out of cycles.

Instead of manually topping up a canister via dfx or scripting a custom solution, cycles management services provide tested top-up automation and and canister metric insights.

Popular cycles management services include:

  • CycleOps - On-chain, proactive, no-code canister monitoring with historical trend graphs, topup email notifications & downloadable transaction history.
  • TipJar - Donate cycles to your favorite canisters on the Internet Computer and keep them live and healthy!

Cycles management libraries


  • cycles-manager - Provides a simplified, permissioned cycles management framework for multi-canister applications (sponsored by CycleOps).