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Highlights of what’s new in 0.6.22

The 0.6.22 release consists of changes to support new features that are not yet complete, including fixes and updates to DFX commands, Motoko, the Motoko base library, and Candid.

New features and capabilities

The most significant new features and capabilities include updates in the following functional areas:


  • The dfx canister call command can now pass a randomly-generated value to a canister method when an argument is required but not provided.

  • The dfx canister call command can take canister identifiers for local canisters even if the canister is installed on a remote network.

  • The dfx replica command has been fixed so that it does not attempt to write the replica pid to a nonexistent directory.

  • The default webpack.config.js file used when you create new projects has been modified to comment out the configuration to enable TypeScript.

    Previously, the webpack.config.js file configured ts-loader to process files with the .js file extension, which could lead to errors. This configuration is now disabled by default and the commented-out configuration only processes .ts, .tsx, and .jsx files through ts-loader.

Sample applications

  • There have been updates, improvements, and new sample applications added to the examples repository.

    All of Motoko sample apps in the examples repository have been updated to work with the latest release of the SDK.

    There are also new sample apps to illustrate using arrays (Quicksort) and building create/read/update/delete (CRUD) operations for a web application Superheroes.

  • The LinkedUp sample application has been updated to work with the latest release of Motoko and the SDK.



  • The Motoko compiler now reports errors and warnings with an additional error code.

    You can use the error code to look up a more detailed description for a given error by passing the --explain flag with a code to the compiler.

    Note that detailed descriptions are not yet available for most error codes and will be added incrementally in upcoming releases.