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Highlights of what’s new in 0.8.3

An overview of the 0.8.3 release:

Breaking change: Removed --no-artificial-delay option from dfx start and dfx replica

Changes to DFX

Breaking change: Replaced --no-artificial-delay option with a sensible default

The --no-artificial-delay option not being the default has been causing a lot of confusion. Now that we have measured in production and already applied a default of 600ms to most subnets deployed, we set the same default for dfx and removed this option.

Changes to Replica

Fixed: ic-ref linux binary no longer references /nix/store

This means dfx start --emulator has a chance of working on linux if nix is not installed. This has always been broken, even before dfx 0.7.0.

Fixed: replica and ic-starter linux binaries no longer reference /nix/store

This means dfx start will work again on linux. This bug was introduced in dfx 0.8.2.

Changes to Motoko

Updated Motoko from 0.6.10 to 0.6.11

  • Assertion error messages are now reproducible (#2821)