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Highlights of what’s new in 0.9.3

An overview of the 0.9.3 release:

Changes to DFX

New feature: dfx deploy now displays URLs for the frontend and candid interface


In preparation for BTC integration, added configuration for the bitcoind port:

"canisters": {},
"defaults": {
"bitcoind": {
"port": 18333

Changes to icx-proxy

Updated icx-proxy to commit 594b6c81cde6da4e08faee8aa8e5a2e6ae815602, now static-linked.

  • upgrade HTTP calls upon canister request

  • no longer proxies /_/raw to the dfx internal webserver

  • allows for generic StreamingCallback tokens

Changes to Replica

Updated replica to blessed commit d004accc3904e24dddb13a11d93451523e1a8a5f. This incorporates the following executed proposals:


Updated Motoko from 0.6.21 to 0.6.25.