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Developer Release Notes

The SDK enables developers to develop applications to run on the Internet Computer. The Motoko new programming language is bundled with the SDK to provide native support for creating tamper-proof software and open internet services.

The SDK provides everything you need to perform the following key tasks:

  • Author canisters in Motoko and compile them to WebAssembly.

  • Simulate the Internet Computer network running locally on your development computer.

  • Deploy compiled programs as canisters.

  • Interact with your application service using a command-line interface or through a web browser.

The current release of the SDK is intended to introduce you to building applications that run on the Internet Computer and to provide access to the Internet Computer network for application testing, demonstration, and exploration.. The SDK should not be used for developing production applications at this time.

Known issues and limitations

This section covers any known issues or limitations that might affect how you work with the SDK in specific environments or scenarios.

  • Creating a new project displays errors or warnings.

    By default, creating a new project installs node dependencies to support building a frontend for your project.

    Depending on your environment, the installation of node dependencies might display errors or warnings generated by the npm package manager.

    The errors and warnings issued by the npm package manager do not prevent you from successfully creating a new project and, in most cases, can be safely ignored.

Additional questions and feedback

Joining the DFINITY Developer Forum is an effective way to learn from community members, ask questions, solicit help from other developers, and provide insight and feedback about your experiences.

If you have questions that aren’t answered by the community, you might also want to check out Troubleshooting topics for information about common issues, workarounds for known issues, or help troubleshooting warnings or errors.

For technical support, send email to DFINITY Support.

A self-service Help Center of Knowledge Base articles will also be coming soon.