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World Computer

World Computer Blockchain: A New Paradigm

The Internet Computer (ICP) is the first World Computer blockchain, powered by innovations in cryptography and computer science derived from deep crypto research begun in 2015. It is a limitless blockchain that hosts and runs smart contracts with efficiency comparable to traditional centralized IT infrastructure. Smart contracts gain superpowers, and they can now serve web experiences, securely interact with Web2, and create signed transactions that run on other blockchains. As a World Computer blockchain, it supports the full end-to-end decentralization of online systems and services, which can now be built entirely on-chain exclusively from smart contracts, without the need for centralized traditional IT and Big Tech's cloud services.

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The Internet Computer makes it possible to flip the script with online services, by making user communities their owners. That's because online services can now run 100% on blockchain, for the very first time. There is no need for centralized traditional IT, such as cloud services, which otherwise have to be used in Web3. Since all code and data is fully decentralized, community DAOs can take control. No companies, boards or CEOs are required.

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Over 0.0 Billion blocks processed. 10x more than the nearest competitor.

Transaction Rate
The number of transactions being processed each day.
0 TX/day0 TX/sec
Canisters (smart contracts/dapps)
The total number of canisters running.
Cycles Burn Rate
The total amount of cycles burned each second.
0 cycles/s≈0.0 ICP/day

On-chain efficiency comparison

Relative cost of storing data inside smart contracts measured in USD.

$79,000,000/ GB per year
$110,000/ GB per year
$5/ GB per year

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No centralized power.
No administrative overhead.
No legal headache.

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Blockchain compute that's climate friendly

The unique architecture and novel cryptography of the Internet Computer blockchain allow it to host smart contract software, data and computation, with levels of efficiency competitive with normal software that runs on Big Tech's cloud services. Meanwhile, it is currently tens of thousands of times more efficient than the next most efficient blockchain. Web3 projects that incorporate Internet Computer smart contracts can consequently dramatically lower their carbon footprints, and reduce climate change.

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A comparison of the energy consumption per transaction between blockchains

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The DFINITY Foundation is committed to realizing the most disruptive vision in tech: the adoption of public blockchain as a single technology stack that hosts all of humanity’s systems and services.

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