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quill claim-neurons

Claim seed neurons from the Genesis Token Canister.

Basic usage

The basic syntax for running quill claim-neurons commands is:

quill claim-neurons [flag]


-h, --helpDisplays usage information.


The quill claim-neurons command is used to claim rewards for the original Genesis stakers. If your twelve-word phrase is stored in the file seed.txt, you would say:

quill claim-neurons --seed-file seed.txt

This request would generate a response like:

(variant { Ok = vec { 2313380519530470538 : nat64, 4966884161088437903 : nat64 } })

Each number in the vec is the ID of one of your neurons.


As this is an update call, it will not actually make the request, but rather generate a signed and packaged request that can be sent from anywhere. You can use the --qr flag to display it as a QR code, or if you are not working with an air-gapped machine, you can pipe it to quill send -.

For more information about genesis rewards, see the How-To guide. For more information about neurons, see Neurons. For creating non-genesis neurons, consult the documentation for quill neuron-stake.