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quill scanner-qr-code

Print QR Scanner dapp QR code: scan to start dapp to submit QR results.

Basic usage

The basic syntax for running quill scanner-qr-code commands is:

quill scanner-qr-code


-h, --helpDisplays usage information.


The quill scanner-qr-code command is used to provide an always-accessible shortcut to a QR scanner that can send the messages that Quill generates; you can also click here to go there directly. Quill commands that sign update calls take a --qr parameter to output such a QR code; another tool's messages, if output in JSON format, can be turned into a QR code via quill qr-code.

The QR code reader may not show field names of the response, but rather show field numbers, obscuring the meaning of the response. You can use the didc tool's hash command to convert a field name to a field number, in order to make sense of the output; for example, didc hash 'voting_power' produces 3871395629.