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quill transfer

Signs an ICP transfer transaction.

Basic usage

The basic syntax for running quill transfer commands is:

quill transfer [option] --amount <AMOUNT> <TO>


<TO>Destination account.


-h, --helpDisplays usage information.


--amount <AMOUNT>Amount of ICPs to transfer (with up to 8 decimal digits after comma).
--fee <FEE>Transaction fee, default is 10000 e8s.
--from-subaccount <SUBACCOUNT>The subaccount to transfer from.
--memo <MEMO>Reference number, default is 0.


The quill transfer command is used to transfer ICP from one account to another.

For example, to transfer 5 ICP to the anonymous principal 2vxsx-fae:

quill transfer 1c7a48ba6a562aa9eaa2481a9049cdf0433b9738c992d698c31d8abf89cadc79 --amount 5

This will produce a response like:

(5_581_035 : nat64)

This refers to the block index, also known as block height, at which the transaction took place; you can look up this transaction on the IC dashboard.


As this is an update call, it will not actually make the request, but rather generate a signed and packaged request that can be sent from anywhere. You can use the --qr flag to display it as a QR code, or if you are not working with an air-gapped machine, you can pipe it to quill send -.

For more information about ICP and transfers, see ICP Token.