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quill sns configure-dissolve-delay

Signs a ManageNeuron message to configure the dissolve delay of a neuron. With this command neuron holders can start dissolving, stop dissolving, or increase dissolve delay. The dissolve delay of a neuron determines its voting power, its ability to vote, its ability to make proposals, and other actions it can take (such as disbursing).

Basic usage

The basic syntax for running quill sns configure-dissolve-delay commands is:

quill sns configure-dissolve-delay <NEURON_ID> [option]


<NEURON_ID>The ID of the neuron to configure.


-h, --helpDisplays usage information.
--start-dissolvingThe neuron will go into the dissolving state.
--stop-dissolvingThe neuron will exit the dissolving state.


-a, --additional-dissolve-delay-seconds <SECONDS>Additional number of seconds to add to the dissolve delay of the neuron.


When the neuron starts dissolving, a countdown timer will begin. When the timer is exhausted (i.e. dissolve_delay_seconds amount of time has elapsed), the neuron can be disbursed. When the neuron stops dissolving, whatever amount of dissolve delay seconds is left in the countdown timer is stored. A neuron's dissolve delay can be extended (for instance to increase voting power) by using the --additional_dissolve_delay_seconds flag. If the neuron is already dissolving and this argument is specified, the neuron will stop dissolving and begin aging.