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IOS integration


IOS integration is an experimental dapp with a native app integration that showcases a possible solution for integrating a dapp hosted in the Internet Computer with multiple platforms. For this example we've created an iOS app.

We aimed to create an example of a simple integration of a dapp running purely on the IC and is using Internet Identity with a native iOS application that can let the user have a native feel such as authenticating and receive push notifications.


The basic functionality of the IOS integration consists of four main components:

  • First, we created a dapp that is integrated with Internet Identity and has a basic routing functionality. While the user is not authenticated it can only see the login page and when authenticated can navigate between the about and home page.

  • Second, we created a new ios native application that serves as a wrapper for the dapp and creates a native feel for the user.

  • Third, a proxy page was added in the dapp to enable the user to securely authenticate using Internet Identity and keep the authenticated session in the webview until it expires, even when the user exits the app and re-opens it the session persists.

  • Fourth, the app is configured to receive push notifications from the system and open a specified URL, this allows for notifications to be sent serving as a mechanism to deep link into a specific section of the dapp.

For further details, please refer to the README file.