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This sample project demonstrates how functions may be passed as arguments of inter-canister calls to be used as callbacks.

A common problem in both distributed and decentralized systems is keeping separate services (or canisters) synchronized with one another. While there are many potential solutions to this problem, a popular one is the Publisher/Subscriber pattern or "PubSub". PubSub is an especially valuable pattern on the Internet Computer as its primary drawback, message delivery failures, does not apply.


This example requires an installation of:

Begin by opening a terminal window.

Step 1: Navigate into the folder containing the project's files and start a local instance of the Internet Computer with the command:

cd examples/motoko/pub-sub
dfx start --background

Step 2: Deploy the canister:

dfx deploy

Step 3: Subscribe to the "Apples" topic:

dfx canister call sub init '("Apples")'

Step 4: Publish to the "Apples" topic:

dfx canister call pub publish '(record { "topic" = "Apples"; "value" = 2 })'

Step 5: Receive your subscription:

dfx canister call sub getCount

The output should resemble the following:

(2 : nat)