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Who am I?


This example demonstrates how a canister can identify its caller and itself.


This example requires an installation of:

Begin by opening a terminal window.

Step 1: Navigate into the folder containing the project's files and start a local instance of the Internet Computer with the command:

cd examples/motoko/whoami
dfx start --background

Step 2: Build and deploy the canister:

dfx canister install whoami --argument='(principal "2mxjj-pyyts-rk2hl-2xyka-avylz-dfama-pqui5-pwrhx-wtq2x-xl5lj-qqe")'
dfx build
dfx deploy

Step 3: Invoke the whoami method:

dfx canister call whoami whoami

Step 4: Observe your principal identifier.

Step 5: Invoke the id method:

dfx canister call whoami id

Step 6: Observe the principal identifier of your canister.