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Is the Internet Computer decentralized?What can I do with ICP token?What is the first step to my ICP dapp?
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The Internet Computer reinvents compute on blockchain, incorporating more than a 1000 years of R&D effort. Everything is now on-chain. HTTP. Data. Compute. AI. Your Web3 social network. Your orderbook exchange. Full stack decentralization has arrived on a sovereign network that extends the internet.

What is the Internet Computer

The Internet Computer adds autonomous serverless cloud functionality to the public internet.

The Power of ICP

Blockchain as a service

The future of cloud is serverless: for enterprise, government and Web3 applications – Build with Cloud 3.0.

Learn about Cloud 3.0

Open Internet Services

Now internet communities take full and exclusive control and ownership of entire internet services – Create your first DAO on true Web 3.0.

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Your Web3 ID

Web2 relies on usernames and passwords for authentication – Internet Identity is the most secure authentification for Web2 and Web3.

One ID for all services

Join, collaborate and connect

The ICP community is currently active in around 30 countries and collaborates with up to 50 well-known crypto organizations and 32 universities. Haven't joined yet? What are you waiting for?

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Amazing, you made it this far. Discover more ICP key features:

Sovereign network

If your enterprise, government or Web3 service builds on centralized traditional IT, there are kill switches and backdoors, which deny you true sovereignty. Build on the network instead.

Become a Node Provider

Web2 compatible

Googleable Web experiences served by Smart contracts. True World Computer capabilities with Web2 APIs validated by consensus.

ICP Capabilities Overview


The Internet Computer is currently adding support for Web3 “AI compute units.” AI will also run on the network, supporting native web3 integrations, and trustlessness combinations of models and data.

Bitcoin on ICPEthereum on ICP


Canister software is tamperproof through Chain-Key Cryptography. It doesn’t need to be protected by a firewall, and can’t be infected with ransomware. Because the Internet Computer is created by advanced math, there are no backdoors.

What's Chain-Key Cryptography


Canisters can be made unmodifiable, creating permanent logic on the network, or placed under the control of autonomous governance – empowering communities to run Web3, or securing an enterprise

Staking & Governance

Cost effective

The global spend on IT personnel is now $1.8 trillion. Canister software greatly simplifies the development and maintenance of online systems and services, driving cost savings, and making you faster to market

$5 / GB / year

Transparently sustainable blockchain

Scalability and utility with low carbon cost — the Internet Computer is committed to building green tech, not just making claims about it.

About ICP sustainability

The blockchain industry's
Skunk Works

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The DFINITY Foundation is committed to realizing the most disruptive vision in tech: the adoption of public blockchain as a single technology stack that hosts all of humanity’s systems and services.

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