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Helix Markets screenshot
Helix Markets logo

Helix MarketsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

2,000+ users

Helix Markets is a decentralized exchange that aims to bring true ownership and full transparency to crypto trading.
Bioniq screenshot
Bioniq logo


45,000+ users

Bioniq is the fastest Ordinals marketplace. Buy, sell, and trade with no gas fees, near-instant finality, and decentralized secure token bridging..
OpenChat screenshot
OpenChat logo

OpenChatUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

80,000+ users

OpenChat is a fully decentralized real-time messaging service that is indistinguishable from Web2 chat apps while living 100% on the blockchain. This allows users to send crypto to each other - including Bitcoin - and own a part of OpenChat through CHAT tokens.
ICPSwap logo

ICPSwapUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICPSwap is an AMM DEX built completely on-chain that is the premier hub for full-stack financial and DAO services on ICP
Orally screenshot
Orally logo


The fully on-chain oracles for secure and reliable decentralized data feeding and automation across multiple chains. Experience seamless real-world data integration across various blockchains, powering dynamic, secure, and efficient dapps. Elevate your blockchain journey with us!
Funded logo

FundedUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

100,000+ ICP funded

Web3 crowdfunding! Thanks to ICP's low transaction fees and advanced smart contract technology, you can participate in crowdfunding with ICP, BTC and ETH without worrying about losing money on gas fees.
NFID logo

NFIDUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Embrace the new era of personal empowerment with NFID, the most advanced digital identity to keep your personal information private and digital assets secure.
Yuku logo

YukuUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

35,222+ users

Unlock Limitless Potential: Yuku, Your Gateway to NFTs,Metaverse, and GameFi!
Gold DAO logo

Gold DAO

Gold DAO governs Gold Token (GLDT), a fungible token allowing fractional gold ownership; and a USD-pegged stablecoin (USDG), backed by gold (GLDT).
dragginz logo


Dragginz is a virtual pets game from the creators of Neopets. Hatch and raise Dragginz to accompany you on your adventures..
ICDex logo

ICDexUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICDex is the flagship product by ICLighthouse, an orderbook-based DEX that runs 100% on-chain. The world's first order book DEX - made possible by advanced ICP smart contracts
Hot or Not logo

Hot or NotUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

55,000+ users

Hot or Not is a decentralized short-form video-based social media platform, which integrates prediction markets for content. In addition to sharing their own videos, users can also speculate on videos of other users by staking tokens and voting whether a video will become 'Hot' or 'Not' to earn rewards.
Bitfinity EVM screenshot
Bitfinity EVM logo

Bitfinity EVMUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

1,000+ TPS

Bitfinity is the EVM compatibility layer for the IC. Using Bitfinity, you can deploy your Solidity smart contracts to the Internet Computer, taking advantage of its many advantageous DeFi capabilities: HTTPS Outcalls, the BTC integration, and more.
ICLightHouse logo


Incubating true web3 DeFi infrastructure on the Internet Computer. Defi development framework and Defi ecosystem on IC blockchain.
Entrepot screenshot
Entrepot logo


1,000,000+ ICP volume

Entrepot is a decentralized NFT marketplace developed by ToniqLabs, the creators behind Rise of the Magni, Stoic Wallet, Cronic NFTs, and Exponent. Entrepot provides users with tools and on-chain services to design, deploy, and manage NFTs and traditional tokens.
Sonic DEX logo

Sonic DEXUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

$10M+ Trade Volume

Sonic DEX, a multichain decentralized exchange built on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), offers a wide range of DeFi services. Users can easily trade tokens and perpetuals, provide liquidity, and participate in the LBP token sale. Users can engage in DAO governance, stake for rewards, and vote on platform decisions.
Plug Wallet logo

Plug Wallet

150,000+ users

Your Plug into the #InternetComputer Identity + Wallet in one Principal ID Hold, send, swap, deposit cycles, ICP, NFTs and log into IC apps in a click! Available on mobile IOS & Android, and as a browser extension on Chrome & Firefox.
Catalyze screenshot
Catalyze logo

CatalyzeUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

360+ Communities

Catalyze is an innovative social dapp that serves as a community organizing tool where users can build groups, interact with other members of your community, create/run events, and transact using their Web3 identity and wallet.
Juno screenshot
Juno logo

JunoUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Juno is an open-source platform that combines the power of Web3 with the ease and simplicity of Web2 development, enabling programmers to build decentralized apps faster and easier than ever before.
Bitfinity Wallet screenshot
Bitfinity Wallet logo

Bitfinity Wallet

The Bitfinity Wallet is a multi-chain wallet built and open-sourced by InfinitySwap. It is a browser extension that allows you to store and transfer your BTC, ICP, SNS-1, NFT, and other tokens - as well as log into Internet Computer dapps with a single click. The InfinitySwap Wallet also supports Internet Identity, the powerful authentication framework provided by the Internet Computer.
TAGGR logo

TAGGRUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

24,000+ posts

Fully on-chain and fully autonomous SocialFi network. A simple way to publish content on a public compute infrastructure. No Ponzinomics - TAGGR has a sustainable tokenomics model that rewards quality posts and removes the incentive to spam.
Stoic Wallet logo

Stoic WalletUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Stoic Wallet by Toniq Labs allows anyone to create a digital wallet, authenticating users through a variety of methods, one of those being Internet Identity. Create accounts, keep an address book, and more. logo is a non-custodial mobile wallet that supports dozens of protocols and is tying them all together with the Internet Computer blockchain. Manage, store, stake, transfer, and in the future, swap ICP right within Klever has integrated with the Internet Computer's Network Nervous System in order to support staking with voting rewards.
NNS Dapp logo

NNS DappUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

The NNS front-end dapp allows anyone to interact with the Internet Computer's Network Nervous System with a user-friendly UI. Served completely end-to-end through blockchain, this dapp allows you to manage ICP, stake neurons, participate in voting, and earn governance rewards.
Oisy Wallet logo

Oisy WalletUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Crafted for the Internet Computer, Oisy is a unique Ethereum wallet that operates directly within your browser. It is entirely on-chain and secured by chain-key cryptography and Internet Identity.
Trax logo

TraxUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Trax is a content aggregator and social marketplace, catering specifically to music artists and their die-hard fans, often referred to as “superfans”. By facilitating exclusive content drops and events, TRAX aims to help artists cultivate closer relationships with their superfans and generate higher revenue.
W3NS - Multichain logo

W3NS - Multichain

3 early launch partners sending notifications from Polygon

A service to support sending of email, SMS and push notifications (both mobile and web) via Internet Computer for IC, EVM (currently supports Polygon, more to come) and off-chain applications wanting to use a distributed and open source sending mechanism. Simply integrate our Polygon contract, or our IC canister, to use it today...
RuBaRu logo

RuBaRuUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

RuBaRu aims to create a vibrant 100% On-Chain DAO-based tokenized economy owned & governed by the community, where creators, influencers, consumers, and brands coexist harmoniously. By doing so, we unlock new opportunities, reshape digital creativity, drive economic growth, and foster a thriving ecosystem of shared prosperity.
Ethereum Canister logo

Ethereum Canister

17M+ blocks

The Ethereum canister offers a secure and trustless way to access Ethereum blockchain data within the ICP ecosystem. Behind the scenes, it leverages the helios light Ethereum client which is equipped with the capability to validate the authenticity of fetched data.
Origyn logo


The Origyn Foundation is blending luxury goods with NFTs by providing digital verifications for physical objects. Only possible on the Internet Computer.
Finny logo


$1.5M+ Raised

Lend and borrow against your crypto without bridging it across chains. Yes, even Bitcoin
Boom DAO logo

Boom DAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

23,000+ DAO Members

BOOM DAO is an all-in-one web3 game platform and protocol running 100% on-chain on the Internet Computer. We are on a mission to build the gaming vertical of the Internet Computer blockchain, power the next generation of fully on-chain games on ICP, and provide a collaborative hub for all things web3 gaming.
Plethora screenshot
Plethora logo


10,000+ users

Plethora is a Web3 platformer with the goal of rewarding users both with fun gameplay and NFTs. Plethora empowers NFT projects to launch their collections with immersive experiences customized for you. Play now to compete, have fun, and earn rewards.
DecideAI logo

DecideAIUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

50,000+ inference requests

DecideAI is an ecosystem that consists of three products, Decide Protocol, Decide ID, and Decide Cortex, designed to meet the needs of the high-end, specialized LLM market.
Querio logo


Querio is the most advanced web3.0 search engine of exceptional speed and accuracy, that empowers its users to search over the Internet Computer.
Cubetopia screenshot
Cubetopia logo


32,500+ ICP volume

Cubetopia is a Web3 building game where players can create anything on unique blocky islands. Each island is a mutable NFT stored on the Internet Computer blockchain. Anyone can visit these islands on-chain, while the owner of the NFT ownership handles building permissions.
AirGap logo


Self-custody made simple and secure. Turn a spare smartphone into a cold wallet that can store a plethora of tokens including ICP and ckBTC. Using AirGap, you can stake ICP directly on the NNS and participate in governance.
Taurus logo


Powering 15+ banks

A platform that offers banking-grade custody and everything needed for managing any digital asset.
Azle logo


Azle is a TypeScript Canister Development Kit (CDK) for the Internet Computer. In other words, it's a TypeScript/JavaScript runtime for building applications on the IC.
Internet Identity logo

Internet IdentityUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

1,000,000+ users

Internet Identity is a privacy-enhancing authentication framework for applications on the Internet Computer. It provides users with a easy-to-use and secure anonymizing login to Web3 services running on ICP without being tracked across dapps.
Arth logo

ArthUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

The mobile payments app that combines the power of Bitcoin with the convenience of mobile payments. With ckBTC, you can easily swap ckBTC from Bitcoin, view balances, and seamlessly make payments using QR codes.
AstroX ME logo

AstroX ME

ME wallet securing your assets without seed phrase across any devices.
AutoRoyale logo

AutoRoyaleUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Jump into this proof of concept battle royale 2D shooter on ICP. Grab gear, outplay the competition, and stay alive as the battleground shrinks. It's all about thinking a few steps ahead. Upgrade weapons, toss grenades, and pull off sneaky ambushes. Invite your pals for a quick match and make sure you play the tutorial to get used to the mechanics.
Signals logo

SignalsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

5,000+ users

Signals is a location based chat app for making connections, creating communities, and discovering events.
StakedICP logo


StakedICP is the liquid-staking protocol revolutionizing staking on the Internet Computer, putting control in investors' hands. ICP is staked in the NNS DAO, and stakers receive rewards just by holding the stICP token. The stICP token is DeFi-compatible, to support protocols building on the Internet Computer, and always fully-backed by ICP staked in the NNS.
CanScale logo


Worried about data being persisted or how your data structure will scale across canisters? CanScale can help you focus more on building out your vision, and spend less time thinking about how to scale out your multi-canister architecture on the IC.
CycleOps logo


Proactive, automated, no-code canister management for the Internet Computer.
DSCVR logo

DSCVRUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

200,000+ users

DSCVR is an end-to-end decentralized Web3 social media platform that allows communities to form into groups called Portals. These Portals can be NFT gated, airdrop fungible and non-fungible tokens to their members and much more. DSCVR also allows for tipping posts in a growing number of cryptos, supporting ckBTC, a Bitcoin twin living on the Internet Computer.
Canistergeek logo

CanistergeekUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Top up your canisters, monitor cycles, memory, logs, and get your monthly reports in one place.
Mops logo


100,000+ downloads

On-chain package manager for Motoko. Mops makes it easy to discover, install, and publish Motoko packages.
BeamFi logo


BeamFi is an open source DeFi protocol, bringing Autonomous Stream Payment solution to Internet Computer, allowing users to send or receive a constant stream of ICP or XTC in BeamFi DApp or BeamFi Meeting App in Zoom while a meeting is in progress
Eimolad logo


This is an amazing world inhabited by humans, dwarves, orcs, elves, and other fantastic creatures. This is a world of magic and valor. This world is full of mysteries, dangers, and incredible adventures.
MORA logo

MORAUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

2,000+ articles

Mora allows users to create a unique Web3 space where they can have independent content data, subscription relationships, financial information, and even complex algorithms. From its inception, a planet will be monitored by Launch Trail to ensure compliance with the protocol and establish trust. The Launch Trail will be controlled by the Mora Dao Canister.
DSocial logo

DSocialUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

DSocial is a decentralized version of YouTube -- enabling content creators to be fairly rewarded for their work, and engagement. This Web3 media platform is hosted end-to-end on the Internet Computer interoperating with Arweave for decentralized video content.
UnfoldVR logo

UnfoldVRUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

UnfoldVR empowers creators to author 3D NFTs using easy-to-use tools both on the Web and in Virtual Reality.
KawaK logo


100+ Topics

A forum for critical thinkers, builders and writers. Earn by providing human-to-human feedback.
Seers logo

SeersUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

10,000 users + TVL

What if there was decentralized Twitter that included prediction markets? Seers is a Web3 social media platform hosted 100% on-chain combining social media features with prediction markets.
PokedStudio Bots screenshot
PokedStudio Bots logo

PokedStudio Bots

PokedStudio Bots is a collection of 10,000 unique bots designed by acclaimed digital artist, Jonathan Ball. The Ultimate Master Bot which sold for 3,000 ICP (~$172,140), marks the largest single NFT purchase on the Internet Computer and is one of the largest across all blockchain projects to date. The NFT Bots are all unique and possess differing rarities and attributes that will transfer into a future metaverse gaming experience in beautiful technicolor.
Caniplay screenshot
Caniplay logo

CaniplayUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Introducing CaniPlay (Can I Play), the pioneering, fully on-chain NFT broadcast station. Submit your audio or video content, reach a global audience, and receive recognition and rewards from your listeners. As a listener, enjoy airdrops for actively participating in curating content
Nuance logo

NuanceUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Nuance is a Web3.0 blogging platform that is hosted on-chain end-to-end on the Internet Computer. Developed by Aikin Dapps, the alpha of the world's first blogging platform to be hosted entirely on a blockchain has now launched. Nuance aims to bring NFTs into the world of editorial content ownership.
ntagle logo


ntagle connects inexpensive physical NFC tags to canisters, giving IC dapp developers the ability to create transferrable HW wallets, Physical NFTs, etc. Any tag can use any integration, meaning dapps can make web3 phygital experiences available to all ntagle owners with a single deploy.
Cosmicrafts logo

CosmicraftsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

10,000+ users

Unleash your inner commander and dominate the metaverse in the action-packed universe of Cosmicrafts. Engage in thrilling interstellar battles, strategize with allies, and conquer the cosmos. Are you ready to claim your place among the stars?
Kontribute logo

KontributeUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

1,000+ users

Kontribute is a web3 creators platform that brings story writing and digital art collectibles together. Features include decentralized story storage, likes, tipping, polls, NFT marketplace, and NFT minting.
Dstar logo


Dstar is an Internet Identity (II) trading marketplace. Since each II is unique, the ICP blockchain treats them as NFTs. Users can trade, purchase, or sell their anonymous blockchain-based authentication accounts on this community-built marketplace. Integrated with Plug wallet, users can search for and purchase any coveted Internet Identity numbers which may be up for auction.
Sudograph logo


Sudograph is a GraphQL database for the Internet Computer. Its goal is to become the simplest way to develop applications for the IC by providing flexibility and out-of-the-box data management.
Dwitter logo


Explore Dwitter! Decentralized social network like Twitter, integrated with OpenAI bots. View a shared global feed featuring user-chatbot interactions from around the world.
ITOKA logo


3M+ minutes on-chain streaming

The ITOKA project seeks to disrupt the centralized music industry by offering a complete infrastructure solution for the web3 music industry. This includes creation tools, data storage, and music streaming services. The goal of ITOKA is to transform the music industry into a decentralized ecosystem, empowering creators with greater control over their content and a fairer share of revenue.
IC Drive logo

IC DriveUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A decentralized private file storage dapp built on the Internet Computer. Store and securely share any type from anywhere in the world with this decentralized version of Box, or Google Drive.
Motoko Playground logo

Motoko Playground

The Motoko Playground is an IDE for developers to learn Motoko - the native language for the Internet Computer blockchain. Deploy canister smart contracts for free, directly within a browser, without needing to download an SDK or set up a wallet.
Content Fly logo

Content FlyUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Content Fly is a Web3 Job Management Tool & Marketplace. It allows content buyers & creators to work together with the security of an escrow payment and DAO based dispute resolution. IP is protected and transferred as an NFT.


A licensing application for life-sciences companies. Easily monetize your intellectual property using NFTs.
FaeFolk logo


FaeFolk is a multiplayer, slice of life, NFT role-playing game where you use your NFTs to craft tools, and equipment, and train your skills
Factland DAO logo

Factland DAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

50+ claims adjudicated

Factland is a Web3 DAO with a mission to slow the spread of misinformation online. Factland makes it easy for anyone to flag untrustworthy claims and have them promptly adjudicated by a decentralized community of fact-checkers rewarded in crypto.
Saga Tarot logo

Saga TarotUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Have your fortune told on the Internet Computer. Saga Tarot gives you a tarot reading in one click. The user-friendly dapp is built completely on the Internet Computer, accessible from any browser. What will the future hold for you?
ember-cli-dfinity logo


An add-on for using the Internet Computer in your EmberJS app.
Kybra logo


Kybra is a Python Canister Development Kit (CDK) for the Internet Computer. In other words, it's a Python runtime for building applications on the IC.
ICPipeline logo


ICPipeline is your self-contained, n-tiered development and testing platform, designed and built specifically for the Internet Computer ecosystem. On-demand dev tooling for the next generation of IC/Web3 applications.
ICME logo

ICMEUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICME is a no-code tool that makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy beautiful websites on the Internet Computer. Launch your blog or business's website on the Internet Computer today.
iKnows logo

iKnowsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

iKnows is a decentralized application platform built on the Internet Computer (IC), based on the IC network, with knowledge as the core, and through a social approach.
Metamob logo


A decentralized web3 app, running 100% on-chain on the Internet Computer, that lets any user start mobilizations by creating campaigns of four different kinds: donations, votes, signatures, and fundraising.
Sand Bless logo

Sand Bless

Sandblasting and glass serigraphy. Artistic and craftsmen artworks signed with unique verifiable mark numbers and linked imprints using Internet Computer Canisters technology.
ICP Explorer logo

ICP Explorer

ICP Explorer, a project started in 2018, is an open-source, community-built dashboard and explorer for the Internet Computer, providing live information and statistics about the network, governance, and the ICP utility token, including account and transaction information.
Bitshop logo


A proof of concept project that demonstrates capabilities of the Internet Computer blockchain to serve as a Bitcoin e-shop.
Mission Is Possible logo

Mission Is PossibleUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Mission is Possible - 3rd place winner of the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2 - is a PVP third-person shooter hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain. The John Wick-inspired game is built using the Unity 3D Game Engine and hosted on the IC enabling decentralized login with Internet Identity.
Canlista logo

CanlistaUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

The Internet Computer community canister registry. Find, publish, and extend applications and services built on the Internet Computer. Log in with Internet Identity.
NNSCat logo


An intuitive email-style inbox for NNS proposals  logo seeks to provide the general public with community organization, educational resources, funding, and scientific discovery
Uniswap Frontend on ICP logo

Uniswap Frontend on ICPUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Uniswap's frontend hosted on the Internet Computer with canister-based wallet integration. Thanks to the Internet Computer, traditional DeFi solutions can now be completely decentralized, having their frontend hosted on ICP. There is no longer a need to include centralized cloud providers in a decentralized application.
Difibase logo


Difibase is a database provider (NoSQL). You can use the system's database or integrate your own!
NFTAnvil logo

NFTAnvilUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

NFTAnvil is a wallet, mint & marketplace in the Anvil ecosystem. It's built from scratch and has an alternative & genuine approach to NFTs. It uses Anvil's auto-scaling multi-canister token architecture.
Aviate Labs logo

Aviate Labs

Stop worrying about system failures and slow performance. Our data center standby team is here to keep your nodes running at top speed, with round-the-clock monitoring and troubleshooting. Currently managing 70 nodes in 3 datacenters.
Go Agent  logo

Go Agent

Go Agent provides the toolbox needed to interact with the Internet Computer from Go. It is a collection of packages that can be used to build applications that interact with canister smart contracts.
Java Agent  logo

Java Agent

Java Agent for the Internet Computer is an open source library. This developer tool enables Java applications to connect remotely to any canister smart contract on the Internet Computer and execute query and update calls.
ICEvent logo

ICEventUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity


Decentralized Calendar Solution (ticket, appointment, itinerary, schedule)
Bink logo

BinkUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Connect, engage and inspire your audience while owning your data and your identity.
Python Agent logo

Python Agent

This Python Agent built for the Internet Computer opens the door for Python developers to more easily become Web3 builders. Featuring basic modules to interact with canisters on the Internet Computer, this Agent, still under development, was a prize winner at the Warpspeed Internet Computer ecosystem hackathon in China.
ICPulse logo


ICPulse increases the transparency on ICP’s developer ecosystem by aggregating the activity data from GitHub and displaying visual metrics in an effective dashboard.
SLY logo


SLY, developed by PsychedelicDAO, is a seamless Command Line Interface (CLI) for the Internet Computer. SLY is an open-source, and collaborative CLI - providing abstractions, templates, and tools to kick-start and speed up Internet Computer development.
Obsidian Tears logo

Obsidian Tears

Obsidian Tears is a 2D adventure featuring original art, story, music, and over 50 collectible NFT artifacts. Our mission is to make a great story after our favorite old-time classics, and to empower others to do the same.
PolyCrypt logo


We develop cryptographic decentralized off-chain solutions which tackle scalability challenges enabling mass adoption of blockchains.


Decentralized Git hosting and software collaboration, powered by permissionless protocols.
Usergeek logo

UsergeekUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

See your product main metrics, such as DAU, WAU, MAU, new users, retention, and usage frequency.
Configeek logo

ConfigeekUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Change the appearance and behaviour of your product in real-time.
ICS logo


Build scalable DApps on internet computer with ease. Build, manage, and ship dapps with just a few clicks
The Wall logo

The Wall

The Wall is a dapp built on the Internet Computer blockchain, which blends Ethereum's MetaMask authentication with the Internet Computer's native Internet Identity blockchain authentication system. This first example of ETH x ICP allows users to leave any message on the wall for all eternity.
Canister Store logo

Canister StoreUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Canister Store is a groundbreaking platform that empowers developers/users in the Internet Computer ecosystem and beyond. With its innovative self-deploy feature, users can effortlessly access and deploy canisters, including pre-built images such as Tokens, NFTs, dapps, and various other tools. logo

cyql.ioUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

5,000+ users is a curated list of decentralized applications and projects built on the Internet Computer. The main goal of the project is to be a common place to explore projects, along with providing information about the NFT collections and upcoming events.
Dank logo


Dank is the first Decentralized Bank built on the Internet Computer, developed by Fleek. Through a collection of Open Internet Services for users and developers, Dank makes cycles management seamless.
ICmoji Origins logo

ICmoji Origins

ICmoji Origins is an NFT-based multiplayer game built end-to-end on-chain on the Internet Computer. The winner of the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2 features one of the first NFTs on the Internet Computer, ICMojis.
Dbox logo

DboxUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

The decentralized inbox built on Internet Computer
ICNaming logo

ICNamingUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICNaming is a testnet that is enabling the Internet Computer ecosystem to register domain names on the Internet Computer Name Service. Similar to the Ethereum Name Servce (ENS), ICNaming aims to offer a decentralized name service for users to pseudonomize their wallet addresses on ICP, as well as domain names, and canister smart contract IDs.
ICA Dashboard logo

ICA Dashboard

The Internet Computer Association maintains a public dashboard where anyone can track the latest statistics for the Internet Computer blockchain. Tracking everything from blocks per second, to NNS proposals and their information and voting record, as well the latest state of the network, and transaction data.
ICP Coins logo

ICP Coins

1,000+ users

IC coins by market cap. Aggregates stats from all Internet Computer based DEXes. Price, Volume & liquidity score charts.
ICP website logo

ICP website

The website you're scrolling now, is itself a dapp hosted 100% on the Internet Computer - including images and videos.
DGDG logo


The most comprehensive browsing experience for NFTs. Browse any NFT collection on the Internet Computer, sort & filter by price or rarity, expose floors, and much more.
Jumpy Motoko logo

Jumpy Motoko

Unity play to earn game on Internet Computer. Comes with code sample so you can deploy your own Unity play to earn game too.
Windows IC logo

Windows IC

Windows IC is a React Dapp built on the Internet Computer. Mimicking what a chromebook can do, but for a mimic of the Windows Operating System, this decentralized desktop allows anyone to access some of their favorite programs from any browser.
Tipjar logo

TipjarUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A tool to donate cycles to canisters as well as keep them monitored.
Welcome Into the Metaverse logo

Welcome Into the Metaverse

Prize winner of the DSCVR hackathon for the Internet Computer - this game brings digital community into a unified virtual space. Find anecdotes from founding ecosystem members, and go through a series of quests.
Lo-Fi Player logo

Lo-Fi Player

Lo-Fi Player is a dapp hosted on the Internet Computer that lets users listen to relaxing beats delivered by blockchain. The back-end is using machine learning to build and develop the AI produced tunes, and users can interact within the player to change the sound to their liking.
Reversi logo


Reversi is one of the first canister smart contracts deployed to the Internet Computer and is a completely decentralized multiplayer game. Play against a friend (or foe) in real-time, from any browser, anywhere in the world.
Goblin Studio logo

Goblin Studio

4,000+ goblins

On-Chain Goblin Maker, Goblin Translator & Goblintown Travel Companion.
FootballGod logo

FootballGodUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A weekly sweepstake where players predict Premier League scores.
EMC Protocol logo

EMC Protocol

EMC (EdgeMatrix Computing blockchain) is a Layer-2 protocol on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain. It is an innovative decentralized computing network that is changing the way people use AI applications. EMC's vision is to eliminate the digital divide, eliminate centralized monopolies, and unlock the full potential of AI for everyone. The future of AI will be accessible to everyone, and everyone will be a part of it!


curated collection of 1,500 unique NFTs on the Internet Computer.
One Block logo

One BlockUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Public profile(links, bio, inbox...) for individual/organization
Block List logo

Block ListUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Open fleet market for P2P trading by leveraging open escrow service
Vibeverse logo

VibeverseUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Vibeverse is a vibrant digital playground where creators, filmmakers, and artists harness AI tools to craft, share, and celebrate unique content in a decentralized community.
DSign logo

DSignUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Collaborative Product Design Innovation Hub
Metaforo ICP deployment logo

Metaforo ICP deploymentUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

1,000+ users

Metaforo: a Web3 forum prioritizing decentralization, community ownership, and token-gated governance. By shifting the Front-End to IC, we boost reliability, security, and scalability, enabling a seamless user experience without intermediaries.
Rakeoff logo

RakeoffUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

$100k+ TVL

Rakeoff is a cryptocurrency staking rewards application built on the ICP blockchain. It offers an ICP wallet with simplified staking, real-time asset tracking, and a no-loss prize pool for staking rewards. Enhance your staking experience with achievement-based ICP bonuses, all within a compact, user-friendly application.
Tswaanda logo

TswaandaUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Tswaanda is revolutionizing African agriculture by connecting smallholder farmers to profitable markets, empowering growth through trade and financial inclusion.
Chainsight Demo screenshot
Chainsight Demo logo

Chainsight Demo

Chainsight is an interchain data processing layer that makes blockchain data available for decentralized applications. It allows time series analysis and forecasting based on historical data to be incorporated into on-chain application logic in a trustless manner.
SCOGÉ Universe logo

SCOGÉ Universe

SCOGÉ is a cutting-edge fashion-centric gamified metaverse platform that revolutionizes the way styles are born, stories are told, and interaction between users. Users embark on an enthralling journey, wielding unique powers to craft thrilling experiences while discovering T.A.O.S City and the evolving SCOGÉ Universe.
D-VOTE logo

D-VOTEUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Experience the transformative power of blockchain voting, where each vote becomes an immutable, transparent transaction on a decentralized network. This ensures tamper-resistant results, fostering trust and confidence in the integrity of the voting process.
EVM on ICP logo


An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) demo built and hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain. P.S. There is a hidden game in the demo.
icpp-pro logo



C++ Canister Development Kit (CDK). Seamlessly develop, debug, test & deploy your C++ Canisters from Windows, Linux or Mac.
NFT Studio logo

NFT Studio

NFT Studio is the first to develop 3D NFTs. This means that the NFTs themselves are living 3D code, as opposed to a .GIF recording of a 3D rendered image. This is only possible thanks to the ICP blockchain as NFTs can run code, not just link to an image. NFT Studio has had features in major media for the 3D NFT minting tools that are being built for global creators.
NacDB logo


A distributed database that allows seamless scanning of items, because it is split into small databases, each fitting in a canister.
Fleek logo


1,000+ websites

Fleek brings decentralized web-hosting to the Internet Computer. With thousands of webpages deployed, Fleek enables anyone to deploy their content on Web3.0
IC HUB logo

IC HUBUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

50+ Projects

Welcome to IC Hub! Your dapp for connecting with friends, chatting, joining groups, and managing tokens & NFTs. For developers, register your projects easily without seeking permission. Empowering you to connect, transact, and build in a user-friendly ecosystem.
HashKey DID logo

HashKey DID

1,200,000 users, 3,200,000 Credentials, 30 Eco-members

The uniquely-designed DID is your passport in web3. Your data and assets will be connected to HashKey DID and your private information will be kept in your own hands.
NnsDAO Protocol logo

NnsDAO Protocol

The boundaryless autonomous organization.
ICpodcast logo


10+ Podcaster

The Decentralized Podcast Protocol for Creators on the IC.
MotokoPilot logo

MotokoPilotUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

10,000+ lines of training data

MotokoPilot is an AI-driven tool designed to streamline code completion, documentation, and debugging in Motoko. It simplifies the process for newcomers to Motoko development while enabling seasoned developers to write code with greater speed and efficiency.
AgorApp logo


600+ users

AgorApp is a Codecademy-style interactive coding environment where users can learn to develop smart contracts on ICP and, then, test their skills by participating in web3 CTFs and smart contract optimization contests.
Zondax Unreal screenshot
Zondax Unreal logo

Zondax Unreal

Enabling game developer communities to integrate their C++ native projects with the IC interface on-chain, using our wrapper for seamless interaction. Easy deployment using Unreal Engine, or other C++ native projects. Our mission is to bridge the gap, enhancing IC's accessibility and inviting a broader community of creators. Using Zondax Unreal, game devs can fully unlock IC's potential.
Pluto logo


Pluton is an HTTP router implemented on the Internet Computer to facilitate working with HTTP. This router is a framework that allows you to write REST API applications on the blockchain in almost the same way as in Web 2
The Motoko Programming Language Book logo

The Motoko Programming Language BookUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

100 monthly users

This book guides beginners into the world of Web3 programming in Motoko on the Internet Computer. It covers a broad range of concepts from the very basics to advanced async programming.
InfinitiNote logo

InfinitiNoteUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

InfinitiNote is an ICP-based AI-enabled Note taking application, that allows users to create Notebooks, store Notes, and collaboratively edit in real-time with the capability for file uploads and enhanced by LLAMA AI.

NOBLEBLOCKSUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

NobleBlocks, a DeSci project, aims to reshape scientific publishing using the Internet Computer's decentralized technology. We focus on fair and transparent reviewing and editing processes, guided by community-led DAOs. Our objective is to make scientific research more efficient and easily accessible to all.
Safenote logo


Safenote is an open-source service that enables secure exchange of the most sensitive communication and leaves no trace. It enables any user to encrypt their message and forward it to another, potentially insecure, platform. Safenote can be thought of as a self-destructible sticky notes system.
John Dao logo

John DaoUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

25.000+ views

John Dao is community community-controlled twitter/X account. You can post tweet proposals and vote on what the next tweet should be. If your tweet wins you get paid with ICP!
IC based storage service logo

IC based storage service

100+ users

IC-based storage service to store and organize any kind of files that works with platform deployed on the IC.
aVa logo

aVaUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

aVa: Action-Based Decentralized Reputation Landscape. Each step you take alters the collective reputation of projects, services, products, or individuals, all within a transparent and decentralized setting. Immerse in projects using Internet Identity, and observe your reputation escalate in tandem with your accomplishments.
Open Internet Metaverse logo

Open Internet MetaverseUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

OIM is the 1st On-Chain 3D-Web. It allows you to create virtual spaces and host them like Websites on the Internet Computer - everything in 3D. You can include 3D objects, images, videos, and more in your spaces and thus make it your home on the 3D Web. By linking to others' spaces, you can create your personal virtual neighborhood in the "Metaverse" (aka Internet).
Faceless Project logo

Faceless ProjectUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Faceless provides a cross-platform private payment system based on human-readable identifiers in the IC ecosystem. It brings regulation-compliant financial services to users while still preserving users' privacy.
FishVerse logo

FishVerseUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

5,000 players

FishVerse is a revolutionary W2E fishing game that is an open world, decentralized, and built on ICP technology. It brings together fishing and GameFi enthusiasts inside of a vibrant community where people can monetize by catching and utilizing NFT fishes, competing in tournaments, missions, providing services, and more...
Sama Network logo

Sama Network

Private alpha testnet has been launched; the network and user interface are ready for operation.

SAMA network, with its original designed consensus and business sharding separation, builds a highly secure and private distributed computational system. It provides data security and computational power for the World Wide Web without altering users’ habits.
221Bravo App logo

221Bravo App

1,024 members

Home for ICP Data-Detectives. Token Stats, Visual Explorer, Account Searching and more.
Tali AI logo

Tali AI

100k+ devs

Tali is a Discord Support bot that answers common developer queries.


10,000+ users

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world of "CARMANIA" the ultimate automotive customization and racing experience! In this immersive game, you can build-customize your dream car and compete against players from around the globe to dominate the leaderboards.
dFlow logo

dFlowUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

BPMN workflows on ICP. Automate interactions between organizations. Build user forms, define scriptable decisions, schedule payments and more.
DooCoins logo

DooCoinsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Reward your kids with DooCoins for their good behaviour, completing chores, and personal achievements.
IC WebSocket logo

IC WebSocketUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

IC WebSocket enables you to establish a WebSocket connection between your canister and any client, such as the user browsers. Finally, you can send updates to your users directly from the canister!
Flower Power DAO logo

Flower Power DAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

An NFT Trilogy and community-curated garden inspired by the French Artist, Ludo.
CCAMP logo


An asset management protocol that leverages data-driven strategies to effectively manage and reallocate assets among various parties. It encompasses smart contracts residing on EVM blockchains (and eventually non-EVM blockchains), a trio of interconnected canisters for state maintenance and a bespoke data protocol to behave as inter-system glue.
Isotopic Game Store logo

Isotopic Game Store

A new, Open and Cross-Platform Game Store, where games become ownable assets that can be traded, lent, resold, or otherwise repurposed. Find unlimited games that can be browsed, downloaded, and played, on the Isotopic Game Store.
TaxLint logo

TaxLintUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

150+ users

A decentralised, private, and secure automated Tax Report aimed to help users to count ICP and ICRC1 token transactions.
InheritX logo


InheritX is a blockchain-based application developed on Internet Computer (ICP) that allows users to create a digital will and bequeath their assets to designated beneficiaries in the event of their death.
ICP Explorer logo

ICP Explorer

1000 users

ICP Explorer is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Internet Computer, a decentralized smart contracts platform.
ICPsig logo

ICPsigUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICPsig is multisig dapp for internet computer. ICPsig allows multiple principals to control funds in one address.
BitBasel Art Marketplace logo

BitBasel Art Marketplace

100+ artworks

A curated marketplace for buying and selling digital artwork. Built on the Internet Computer leveraging the Bitcoin Ordinals Protocol
Hobbi logo

HobbiUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

100% on chain

With Hobbi, you can create a profile and record all the multimedia content you consume. Whether it's a movie, a book, or even a video game, register and share your profile with whomever you want.
Loka logo


100+ users, 10+ global miners

Loka is a platform that enables retail investors to acquire BTC at better than market prices through co-investing with Bitcoin miners. The arrangement is based on a trustless non-custodial escrow solution, which eliminates any exposure to centralized party risk.
icRouter logo

icRouterUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

icRouter is a cross-chain network of assets based on threshold signature technology, with no off-chain bridges, supporting Bitcoin, IC, and EVM networks (e.g., Ethereum).
Kinic screenshot
Kinic logo

KinicUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

3,000,000+ searches

Kinic provides artificial intelligence tooling for the new web. Deploy vector databases, machine learning instances, and much more leveraging web3.
Vault k8s Canister logo

Vault k8s CanisterUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

100% on chain ACL

POC of a decentralized secret management solution that leverages Internet Computer (IC) technology. It aims to provide a means for services to share secrets in a flexible, transparent, and secure way. It simplifies the flow of secret management between consumers in the cluster as well as rotate secrets based on config for added security.
The Asset App logo

The Asset AppUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

The Asset App allows any user to generate their own file canister smart contract and visually manage their files on the Internet Computer without requiring any code.
Outrank logo


Open-source code, on-chain rarity calculator, and empirical research to allow users to better understand NFT rarity
user controlled mind and body canister logo

user controlled mind and body canisterUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

POC of a decentralized mind and body data management tooling that leverages Internet Computer (IC) technology. This POC provides methods and interface to submit HTTP Outcall requests to a proxy API that interfaces with a Firebase FIrestore database. It provides an example front end react application that interacts with a motoko backend.
icgpt logo

icgptUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

15M parameter llama2

A llama2 LLM, trained on the tiny Stories dataset is running in a canister. You can interact with it via a ChatGPT style frontend, served from an IC canister. You provide the start of a story as the prompt, and the LLM will generate a tiny story.
Ping logo

PingUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

5 and counting!

Ping is a notification service that boosts ecosystem engagement by creating a direct communication channel between dapp developers and their respective users.
Alphaday logo


15,000+ Active Users

Alphaday is a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI.
Metaversity1 logo


Web3 for All

Advancing Web3 literacy and diversity with a streamlined data pipeline, integrating robust databases, interactive visualizations, and accessible open-source tools.
Datanome logo


Alpha phase

Datanome is a decentralized data platform aimed at simplifying the buying, selling, and working with data. It is essentially a decentralized version of Snowflake with a simplified version of Deepnote on top.
glue logo


9000+ users

An easy-to-use solution for community leaders and members to perform holder verification of NFTs and tokens on Discord.
ICSoccerWorld logo


Community Dev Demo

Soccer simulation built for ICP using ICPP. Based on code sample from book "AI Game Programming by Example". Demo is built in C++ and uses Jolt physics Engine.
Mapz logo


3000+ users

Transforming EV Charging Access with a Community-Driven, Blockchain-Enabled Platform
IcpKit logo


1 iOS app

A comprehensive iOS package for writing mobile applications that interact with the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), written in Swift. IcpKit aims at facilitating the interaction between iOS apps and the ICP blockchain.
🐲 Dragon Eyes 👀 logo

🐲 Dragon Eyes 👀

1500+ transactions

Provably fair dice rolling game as a testament that randomness can be obtained on-chain
{r}elinkd logo


1000 users

Digital identity + scores protocol and dapp. We're building a decentralized identity protocol, aggregating on-chain and off-chain credentials into the scores for creating trustworthy self-sovereign identity and personal brand profiles.
ic_siwe (Sign-In with Ethereum) logo

ic_siwe (Sign-In with Ethereum)

Rust support library and canister to enable Ethereum users to easily sign in to the Internet Computer. ic_siwe enhances the interoperability between Ethereum and the Internet Computer platform, enabling developers to build applications that leverage the strengths of both platforms.
EA Kazi logo

EA KaziUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity


A decentralized synergy of Fiver and Udemy providing a verifiable and trust system for the Web3 GIG Economy built on ICP.
Virtuaseal logo

VirtuasealUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

An application that will allow users to submit information to and sign documents leveraging a smart contract on the blockchain. Users can create documents from a template or from scratch, verify the robustness and authenticity of the document using hashes, sign documents in a secured manner, and share documents with other parties
UncensoredGreats logo

UncensoredGreatsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Migrating all the World's Books to NFT-form for use in domain-specific AI
ArcMind logo


ArcMind AI is a LLM-powered autonomous agent running that uses Chain of thoughts for reasoning, taking actions and completing goals. It orchestrates with web agents to interact with the world in real time, and Vector DB for long term memory store.
DeVinci AI Assistant logo

DeVinci AI Assistant

DeVinci AI Assistant is a personalized AI assistant that redefines the paradigm of digital privacy and trust and powered by an open-source AI model that operates directly within your browser.
Accelar logo

AccelarUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Accelar is a unified product development infrastructure that allows for efficient development, launching, and management of web3 features including LLMs on ICP. Create canisters, workflows, identities, and interact with dApps through a non-custodial wallet.
IC-Mnist logo


IC-Mnist provides a frontend for drawing a digit and a backend that performs an inference using a pretrained MNIST model to predict the drawn digit. logo is the world's first fully on-chain decentralized GenAI Companion.
VaultBet logo


1000+ Monthly Users

VaultBet is redefining online betting on the Internet Computer. Hosted completely on-chain and built on the IC. Whether it's sports, lottery or arcade - users can experience transparency, security, and community-driven gambling like never before.
ICP Governor logo

ICP GovernorUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICP Governor is an application used to manage a single DAO: create proposals, vote, timelock and execute them.
Formyfi logo

FormyfiUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Decentralized & fully on-chain forms. Toolset for conducting surveys in Web3, ensuring security and completeness of data.
Blendsafe logo

BlendsafeUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A MultiSignature wallet and omnichain module designed for cross-chain message signing, suitable for multiple blockchain ecosystems.
PADO logo


25,000+ users

A zk-attestation and computation network that breaks down barriers between datasets, enriches smart contract functionalities, and enables secure monetization of personal data within privacy-protected data flows.
OpenFPL logo

OpenFPLUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Decentralised Fantasy Football
ICGhost logo


The First Decentralized Meme Coin on IC
sneed logo


The Blank Canvas DAO on the Internet Computer.
Windoge98 logo


Windoge98 is a retro flavored utility meme. A nostalgic portal to the Internet Computer.
Gitcoin Passport Client logo

Gitcoin Passport ClientUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A UI that securely retrieves anti-Sybil scoring data from Gitcoin Passport and stores it in a DB.
Game Bloc logo

Game BlocUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A decentralised platform for hosting game tournaments which can either be crowdfunded or prepaid.
AllKinds logo

AllKindsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A web3 social network where people find more meaningful connections.
Dmail Network logo

Dmail NetworkUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

9,000,000+ users

Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple chains and dApps for users, developers, marketers and influencers
Datapond logo

DatapondUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

DataPond is a hub for exposing and tracing data used by AI to generate results. It enables end users and businesses to store files on Internet Computer and to control how they are consumed by AI tools as input for training, reasoning, or producing answers. DataPond is available as an open-source toolbox for developers who want to bridge their decentralized applications with AI transparently and efficiently.
B4B logo

B4BUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

400+ influencers is a Web3 influencer marketing protocol that brings transparency, ownership, escrow, and on-chain history from all socials
pochi logo

pochiUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Fully on-chain decentralized human resource management software.
Front Row logo

Front Row

Decentralised ticketing platform offering fully on-chain, dynamic and tradable digital ticketing to event organisers.
Jobgrader logo


Enabling the crowdworking market to train AI and any other micro tasks on-chain.
RentSpace logo


A property rental platform that enables tenants to pay fees and rent in either cryptocurrency or traditional money.
MyOrdinals.Loan logo


Peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending using ckBTC. Users borrow or lend ckBTC, securing transactions with unique Ordinal Inscriptions (Ordinals) as collateral.
ICTO screenshot
ICTO logo

ICTOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

ICTO is an automated token management platform that simplifies vesting schedules, recurring payroll distributions, token lock and tokenized crowdfunding for projects building on the Internet Computer. It provides modular smart contracts, allowing any project to transparently handle token operations without technical friction.
AppIC DAO logo

AppIC DAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

First-ever infrastructure layer that allows transferring and swapping of tokens between ICP and blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.
Gotcha Captcha logo

Gotcha Captcha

CAPTCHAs to distinguish humans and bots on the Internet in the AI era.
OptiGames logo

OptiGamesUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Flexible framework for fully on-chain multiplayer turn-based games. Bulldog Blast is a semi-realtime multiplayer arcade combat game.
Zoksh Pay logo

Zoksh Pay

Over 1 million USD in volume

A non-custodial payment solution that enables businesses to accept over 1000 currencies across 17 blockchains.
Secure Guard Escrow logo

Secure Guard Escrow

A solution in making online transactions safe and sound.
Internet Computer Analytics Platform logo

Internet Computer Analytics Platform

A framework for users to query and analyze data from various sources in the ICP ecosystem.
Swimming Pool logo

Swimming Pool

Fully onchain permissionless stablecoin protocol, collateralizing your BTC, ETH and other crypto assets.
ICP NFT Creater logo

ICP NFT Creater

Shopify app designed to streamline the process of creating and launching NFT collections, product certificates, and more on ICP.
codegov logo


Advancing decentralization of ICP through NNS Replica Version Management proposal reviews, informed, independent voting, and NNS tooling.
DeAI Chat logo

DeAI Chat

A chat and API interface allowing communication with an AI model.
Onicai logo


A B2B Platform for configuring Generative AI white label solutions.
Spotlabs logo

SpotlabsUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A DeAI app for business tooling and infrastructure.
VFans logo

VFansUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

3,000+ users

A decentralized content platform for publishing video/articles and subscribing through mobile payments.
Omnity Network logo

Omnity Network

1st 100% trustless omnichain interoperability protocol that connects Bitcoin, Ethereum, Appchains, L1s/L2s/L3s within Omnity Network.
ICPanda DAO logo

ICPanda DAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

50,000+ users

ICPanda DAO is dedicated to building the Panda meme brand across the Internet Computer's decentralized ecosystem, enhancing the connection between pandas and humans. Our focus extends beyond the animals themselves, embracing all valuable and praiseworthy ideas, positioning the Panda meme as a symbol of cherished concepts globally.
odoc logo

odocUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Odoc is a place where you can hire and work. It is empowering freelancers with transparent and liberating smart contracts on the blockchain.
ZkCross logo

ZkCrossUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

One-click limitless liquidity across blockchains.
Plural Finance logo

Plural FinanceUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

Enabling coffee farmers to submit data reports on their yields and processes for crop insurance purposes.
ICPEx logo

ICPExUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

229 tokens and 90 liquidity pools created

Decentralized exchange built entirely on the chain based on the ICP.
Orderswap Layer2 logo

Orderswap Layer2Uses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A Layer2 built on ICP.
CanDB logo


Flexible and truly horizontally scalable NoSQL database built for ICP.
Personal DAO logo

Personal DAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A web3 app that functions as a gated DAO, treasury, data storage solution, and more.
ICP Canister Bridge logo

ICP Canister Bridge

A bridge powered by ICP that enables seamless swaps between the Lightning Network and EVM-compatible chains. logo

A tool that creates online communities as NFTs owned by the creators
IC Footprint logo

IC FootprintUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A blockchain ESG platform that tracks ICP environmental metrics and provides tooling to reduce the environmental impact of the network.
Galactic Bridge logo

Galactic Bridge

A cross-chain bridge that allows users to move between Solana and ICP.
Amplify Platform logo

Amplify Platform

A platform that enables Twitter (X) accounts to boost post engagement by rewarding interacting users with ICP and select ICRC tokens.
Bitomni logo

BitomniUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

BTCFi-driven omnichain asset management protocol with built-in BTCFi DApps across multiple blockchains.
B3Wallet logo

B3WalletUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A decentralized, multi-chain wallet with unique support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, using Internet Computer's threshold ECDSA.
Pass logo

PassUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

First blockchain password manager.
Hamster logo

HamsterUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

One-stop infrastructure, developer toolkit and middleware DevOps service platform
MSQ - Safe ICP Wallet logo

MSQ - Safe ICP Wallet

MSQ is a MetaMask extension that enables your wallet to work with the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. Buy goods, tip for services, donate to charities, and gift coins to your loved ones.
RIIDE logo

RIIDEUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

5000 waitlist signups

A community-owned Web3 application that primarily offers taxi, delivery, and courier services.
ChainkeyX logo

ChainkeyXUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A crypto neobank that offers fully on-chain bitcoin borrowing and lending on ICP.
Konectª logo

KonectªUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A new protocol that gathers notifications and events from all your apps implementing it, and compiles them into a user-specific canister.
EstateDAO logo

EstateDAOUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

A vacation real estate tokenization and rental platform on ICP, enabling users to invest in vacation real estate with investments as low as USD 100.
Motoko SNS logo

Motoko SNS

A community initiative aiming to drive awareness of the Motoko branding.
Motoko SNS logo

Motoko SNS

A game where users participate in motorcycle races, develop their riders and improve high-speed tracks.
distrikt logo

distriktUses Internet IdentityThe project uses Internet Identity

110,000+ users

Distrikt is a completely decentralized, community-owned Web3 social media platform. Users of the platform will soon be able to vote on upgrades, and no user data will ever be mined or sold. Create your account, secured by Internet Identity today.
bipquantum logo


An AI IP assistant and virtual lawyer that uses ICP to mint IP certificates, including licenses and ownership details.


A community-owned and fully self-sustaining decentralized conference event series devoted to highlighting the ICP's technology and ecosystem.

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