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How it worksMotoko Smart Contract Language

Motoko Smart Contract Language

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Motoko is a new programming language for smart contracts. It is designed to seamlessly support the programming model of the Internet Computer and makes it easier to take advantage of the unique features of the blockchain. Motoko is strongly typed, actor-based, and has built-in support for orthogonal persistence and asynchronous message passing. Productivity and safety features include automatic memory management, generics, type inference, pattern matching, and both arbitrary- and fixed-precision arithmetic. Messaging transparently employs the Internet Computer’s Candid interface definition language and wire format for typed, high-level, and cross-language interoperability.

Motoko – Open Source

Motoko Playground

Motoko, a Programming Language Designed for the Internet Computer, Is Now Open Source

Motoko Programming Language

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Motoko style guidelines

Motoko grammar

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