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Explore the ICP roadmap, focussing on contributions by the DFINITY Foundation. The roadmap is split into nine themes, each highlighting upcoming milestones, features that are further into the future and not yet scoped in detail, as well as past achievements.

Roadmap Milestones explained

Compute Platform

Blockchain Singularity — all computations of the world can run on ICP. ICP is a decentralized compute platform operating as an extension of the Internet, offering cost effective compute and storage services, with infrastructure provided by independent entities around the globe. The platform allows anyone to deploy canister smart contracts on the Internet and run them in a decentralized manner.



Reduced End-to-end Latency




Increased Storage Capacity and Throughput

22Past features
41Future features

Decentralized AI

Today, users have to blindly trust AI models running on centralized servers with no visibility into how data is used and how AI models produce responses. Decentralized AI solves this problem by bringing the trustworthiness, security, verifiability, and resilience of smart contracts to AI applications.



Onchain AI Inference and Training of Large Models



Completed July 15, 2024

Onchain AI Inference

1Past feature
1Future feature

Chain Fusion

Chain Fusion technology enables blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana to be "fused" together with ICP to create a seamless single-chain end-user experience for multi-chain dapps. Canister smart contracts on ICP orchestrate, augment, and interact with smart contracts on other chains using advanced chain-key technology and enhance those smart contracts with ICP's special capabilities and its superior compute and storage capacity and throughput.


Due Date August 2024

Chain Fusion Supports Bitcoin ordinals and runes




Chain Fusion Supports Solana



Completed May 23, 2024

Chain Fusion Supports EVM Chains

6Past features
18Future features


Canister smart contracts can be used to implement privacy-preserving dapps that give users full control over their data. Leveraging cryptographic protocols, ICP enables developers to build dapps where users store and share encrypted data on-chain. Advanced cryptographic protocols will eventually allow computations on encrypted data.



vetKeys for Decentralized Key Management

1Past feature
6Future features

Platform Decentralization

The security of ICP is based on the elimination of central points of control. A user interacting with ICP shall not need to rely on a single party. Besides architectural aspects, such as the edge infrastructure, this also encompasses operational aspects, complementing the DAO-based governance of ICP.



Edge Infrastructure is Fully Decentralized




Decentralized access logs and metrics

10Past features
21Future features


An identity solution that is privacy-preserving, self-sovereign, and user-friendly is a fundamental building block for web3 adoption. Internet Identity provides a robust authentication solution based on passkeys, with easy onboarding and support for identity attributes while protecting the users’ privacy.


Completed June 18, 2024

Verifiable Credentials Platform is Live

13Past features
15Future features

Digital Assets

DeFi protocols, real-word asset tokenization, and other digital asset solutions are strong drivers of web3 adoption. ICP’s Chain Fusion capabilities, unparalleled scalability, and the ability to serve web assets from chain opens up novel digital asset classes. Moreover, it makes ICP an attractive platform to build multi chain custody solutions and wallets.



Oisy, a Multi-chain Wallet Powered by Chain Fusion




The Orbit Multi-Custody Asset Framework

8Past features
11Future features

Governance & Tokenomics

The ICP has two kinds of built-in governance systems. The NNS is the DAO governing the ICP protocol. The SNS framework is a toolbox for creating DAOs that govern individual dapps. Both are open for everyone to participate and facilitate decentralized decision making. Tokenomics incentivise voting participation and ensure that DAO decisions are aligned with the long-term interests of the ICP and the governed dapps.



Active Liquid Democracy

14Past features
19Future features

Developer Experience

Developer experience is an essential ingredient for developer adoption. This includes low-friction canister development and operations, expressive smart contract languages, testing frameworks, and a rich set of libraries. Beyond canister development, developer experience also encompasses an inclusive and quality-preserving protocol development.



Canister DevOps




Canister Resource Management

21Past features
27Future features

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