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Social media decentralized

Take full ownership and control over your social media platforms.

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Social media dapps

Reclaim social media

We're entering a new era of social media. The success of the new wave of Web3 social media applications lies in decentralization. Today, it is the boards of tech giants that steer the direction of social media apps, often to exploit users for profit. Centralized apps have also been known to selectively suppress opinions. Internet Computer blockchain flips the script by enabling decentralized apps (dapps) to turn into DAOs that put the control in the hands of the community.

Social media incentivized

A social media DAO incentivizes users to contribute to the success of its dapp by offering rewards in the form of governance tokens. As a user you get free tokens just for using the service, while at the same time you have a say on what new features should be added.

As a developer, you benefit from the tokenization of your dapp. Increased user engagement can organically fuel viral growth, while user contributions can significantly reduce costs of content moderation or even development and design.

Why switch to the Internet Computer?

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 has never been easier. Not only does the Internet Computer enable true decentralization, it also offers an enhanced web3 user experience. No gas fees, non-trackable web authentication, served at web speed 100% on the blockchain - no centralized cloud required.

Top web3 social media platforms

The Internet Computer is a true world computer. It hosts the largest collection of Web3 social media services fully on-chain. Services like OpenChat, DSCVR and distrikt are already well on their way to mass adoption, with over 300,000 users combined.

See dapp collection
distrikt combines the best of Twitter and Linkedin. It is the world's first web3 microblogging social media platform built entirely on-chain. Own your data and identity, make new connections, and build a community.
DSCVR’s mission is to create a decentralized social content aggregation platform where users not only control the content, but also the platform itself. Communities form groups called Portals around topics of interest. Key features include NFT gating, token airdrops, tipping with crypto and more - all of which is impossible on web2.
OpenChat is the first instant messaging service running 100% on the blockchain. This web3 dapp is backed by the security of chain-key cryptography. Plus users can easily send crypto to friends via messages, or vote on ICP governance proposals without leaving the dapp.

Build the next generation of social media services

Distrupt the world of social media by coding your own. The Internet Computer blockchain provides the first complete tech stack for developers to build a new era of DAO-governed social media sevices to replace Big Tech.

The Internet Computer is the only blockchain that can:

  • Serve web
  • Integrate existing web2 APIs without oracles
  • Provides out of the box anonymous authentication system
  • Store large amounts of data on-chain
  • Store private data on-chain

Start coding

Cost efficiency

  • $5/ GB per year
  • $118,000/ GB per year
  • $79,000,000/ GB

Speed efficiency

  • ~200ms (web speed)GET Query calls
  • ~1-2s to reach finalityPOST update calls
  • ~20,800 update calls/sUpdate call speed
  • ~1,100,000 query calls/sQuery call speed

Dev corner

This corner is for the pioneers. Developers who are crazy enough to think they can reinvent social media are the ones who do.