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Developer tools

Explore developer tools by DFINITY and the community, and use them to improve and ease your development journey.


Tools by DFINITY


Create, deploy, and manage your dapps for the Internet Computer platform.

Motoko VS Code

Motoko language support for Visual Studio Code.

Motoko Formatter

A configurable Prettier plugin for Motoko.

Motoko Playground

An online playground environment for Motoko.


Compile and run Motoko in Node.js and the browser.

Embed Motoko

Embed an interactive Motoko code snippet on your website.


A multi-purpose tool for Candid.


Minimalistic ledger and governance toolkit for cold wallets.


Cold wallet toolkit for interacting with the ledger and governance canister of a service nervous system (SNS).


A library collection for interfacing with the Internet Computer.


Command line tool for converting IDL/Candid to JSON

Vessel Package Manager

A simple package manager for the Motoko programming language.

Stable Structures

A collection of scalable and upgrade-safe data structures for Rust.

Hardware Wallet CLI

A CLI to interact with the Internet Computer App on Ledger Nano S/X devices.

Community tools

The Internet Computer has many tools built by the community. Check out the repos and get building!

Disclamer: Please use the following tools at your own risk and always do your own research.


A REPL environment to communicate with canisters using Candid.


A frontend auth library & toolkit for the Internet Computer.

IC Inspector

Decode network responses from the Internet Computer blockchain.


Simple and Secure Release Management for Internet Computer Projects.


Open internet service that can be used by developers to verify and prove that a canister's code matches the open source code.


Open-source tool to track your project canisters cycles and memory status.


GraphQL database for the Internet Computer.


Flexible, performant, and horizontally scalable non-relational multi-canister database built for the Internet Computer.


Open internet service providing transaction history & asset provenance for NFTs & Tokens on the Internet Computer.

Intellij Candid Plugin

A Candid language plugin that provides complete support for editing .did files.


A simple command line tool to quickly create projects.


Use your favourite frontend framework with the Internet Computer.


Tools to search for and explore canister interfaces and Candid.


A starter project for developing Motoko libraries.


An online drag-and-drop smart contract editor for Motoko.


Communicate with IC directly using NodeJs. Automatic service discovery.


A Python agent library for interfacing with the Internet Computer.


An Ethereum RPC client for canisters on the Internet Computer to interact with EVM networks.

Internet Computer Services (ICS)

DevOps platform to build, ship and manage dapps faster on IC.


An on-chain package manager for Motoko.


Multi-tiered IC development framework with on-chain admin console, repeatable deployments, on-demand environments, canister backups and more.


A Rust library that allows you to use stable memory as main memory

IC4J Internet Identity

Providing an implementation of ICP Internet Identity Service, this Java library enables Java developers to register new users, add or remove devices, and authenticate client applications on the Internet Computer.

IC4J ICP Management

This Java library is an implementation of ICP Virtual Canister Management API and directly communicates with the Management Virtual Canister. Developers can utilize this library within any Java application to perform various operations, such as creating, deleting, starting, and stopping a canister, installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling WASM canister code, updating canister settings, and adding additional funds to a canister.

IC4J Apache Camel ICP Component

Apache Camel is an Open Source integration framework that empowers you to quickly and easily integrate various systems consuming or producing data. The IC4J Camel ICP Component allows native execution of Internet Computer smart contracts from Apache Camel.

IC4J Apache Maven ICP Plugin

The IC4J Maven Plugin allows for the installation and uninstallation of ICP canisters from Apache Maven scripts.


C++ Canister Development Kit (CDK).


Your AI-powered companion for simplifying and streamlining the Motoko coding experience.