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Developer weekly update March 31, 2023


Hello devs! πŸ‘‹

And welcome to this week's edition of developer weekly, where we share some bits about what's new with Internet Computer.

Quarter in review​

Q1 comes to a close today, and with it, many weeks of challenging (but rewarding) work on our developer tooling. Let's take a look back at everything we shipped this quarter.

Asset canister​

The asset canister got some upgrades (no pun intended). We added an ACL with more granularity over who can upload assets, who can commit them, and who can't.


You might have seen OpenChat launch the first SNS-controlled dApp on Internet Computer. An amazing feat, made possible by the great collaborative work of several cross-functional teams: NNS, SDK, Research, GIX, and more. Bravo to all parties involved.

dfx shipped some new SNS-related features to help run and test an SNS launch locally before doing the real thing. We have a number of improvements to the process in the works, but you can try it out today with dfx version 0.13.1

Bug fixes galore​

We also fixed a bunch of stubborn bugs to make your experience using our command line tools that much better. We will continue to prioritize bugs as we go into the next quarter, so keep an eye out for new releases of dfx.

See the release notes for everything that went into the latest release of dfx.

Looking ahead​

Q2 will bring us a refined focus on developer experience. We will be taking a holistic look at the ICP stack and applying fundamentals of user experience research to help us understand how we can better improve our tools and services for you.

Of course, there is no magic bullet, and this will be an ongoing, iterative process. But we are really excited to dive in to the next quarter with a renewed focus on developer experience. We're confident this will give us the ability to ship tools that bring you joy and excitement as you build on Internet Computer.

We will also be starting work on a few new features to be excited about, although they won't land until after Q2. For the next quarter specifically, we'll be focusing mostly on bug fixes and developer experience improvements.

Until next time​

That's all for now. We'll see you in Q2! Keep exploring, and stay tuned for more updates!