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Developer weekly update March 13, 2024

March 13 2024

Hello developers, and welcome to this week's developer weekly update! This week, there is a new release of dfx to discuss, new NNS proposals to vote on, and a new community project to explore. Let's get started!

dfx v0.18.0

Last week, dfx v0.18.0 was released. Some highlights from this release include:

  • dfx canister logs <canister_id>: A new subcommand that retrieves a canister's logs. This feature is still under development, but it is an exciting preview of this upcoming functionality!

  • Local asset canisters are displayed in a subdomain format of either <canister_id>.localhost:<port> or localhost:<port>?canisterId=<canister_id>.

  • Candid assist: dfx now asks for init arguments within the terminal window when a canister requires init arguments.

  • dfxvm is now installed within the script.

  • fix: .env fallbacks have been removed.

  • fix: The dfx upgrade command has been removed.

You can check out the full release notes on GitHub.

This new version includes breaking changes, and a migration guide has been created to help migrate old workflows to use the latest update. Read the migration guide on GitHub.

v0.180 also includes Motoko v0.11.0, which also includes breaking changes. Read the Motoko v0.11.0 migration guide.

NNS updates

This week, the following NNS upgrade proposals have been submitted and are open for voting:

NNS Governance:

  • Neurons' Fund update: Change the Neuron's Fund participation from 333,000 ICP to 750,000 XDR. Limits are converted to ICP using the 30-day conversation rate from the CMC.

  • Proposal summary limit increased for both the NNS and SNS from 15KiB to 30KiB.

  • NNS governance metrics will now include the proposal action type.


  • Refactoring and cleanup; no external changes.


  • Bug fix for Candid service definition.

  • Multiple signing subnets for the same key are now allowed.


  • Make an edit where canister_settings now has log_visibility.

You can learn more on the DFINITY forum about these updates.

NFID Vaults

A new community project has been shared on the forum! NFID Vaults is an omni-chain multi-sig wallet protocol designed to protect personal and shared digital assets.

Each NFID Vault is a smart contract deployed on ICP. The canister is self-controlling and can be verified by searching the canister ID on the dashboard.

NFID Vaults currently includes a 'Pro' version, designed for teams and grant recipients to control how their ICP is spent.

In the future, a 'Light' version will be released that is aimed toward individuals and teams who don't require granular policy controls.

Additional roadmap items for the project include:

  • Additional wallet support.

  • Additional ICP asset support (ICRC-1, ICRC-7, etc).

  • Other network support such as BTC.

  • Dev SDK for creating and managing vaults.

Learn more on the DFINITY forum.

That'll wrap up this week. Tune back in next week for more developer updates!