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Developer weekly update February 14, 2024

February 14 2024

Hello developers, and welcome to this week's developer weekly update! This week, we have a new dfx release, v0.17.0, which introduces a brand new dfx new workflow, a new PocketIC release that enables threshold ECDSA testing, and a new community-developed dapp that provides on-chain exploring for tokens! Let's get started.

dfx v0.17.0

A new version of dfx has been released! This release is exciting because it introduces a new workflow for dfx new!

Now, when dfx new is used without any flags, an interactive prompt will be displayed that lets you customize what language backend canister you'd like to use, what frontend framework you'd like to use for your frontend canister (or choose 'No frontend canister'), and you can choose additional features to be generated within the project, such as Bitcoin integration functionality or Internet Identity!

dfx new

Additional notable new features in this release include:

  • The flag --specified-id can be used in the dfx deploy and dfx canister create commands to create a canister with a specific ID. specified_id is also supported in dfx.json.

  • Creating canisters on the same subnet as another canister is now supported with the flag --next-to <canister principal>. The registry canister is used as the source of truth for finding a canister's subnet ID.

  • init_arg can now be set for canisters in dfx.json.

  • The dfx upgrade command will direct users to install dfxvm.

You can read the full release notes on GitHub.

PocketIC v3.0.1

This week, a new version of PocketIC has been released! This release includes support for testing threshold ECDSA calls by supporting trapping for tECDSA calls. Additional bug fixes are included in this version, such as the inspect_message no longer panics if a call is rejected, and the server will now reject JSON files that contain an invalid variant of the SubnetSpec.

You can read the full release notes on Github

221Bravo.App - On-chain explorer for ICP and ICRC tokens

221Bravo.App is a new community project that provides a blockchain explorer for ICP and ICRC tokens! The exciting attribute of this app is that it is hosted 100% on-chain and fully powered by ICP!

221Bravo.App can be used to search for things such as principals, accounts, and even Principal.Sub-account records. Data for tokens such as CHAT, SONIC, and OGY are displayed on the app's homepage and can be clicked on to provide detailed information about the token's statistics, mint/burn/transfer rates, transactions, and how many unique accounts hold the token.


You can read more about 221Bravo.App on the forum.

That'll wrap up this week. Tune back in next week for more developer updates!